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Part Illusion, Hiding Behind Masks: Madame Frankenstein #4!

Written by Tim Midura on Wednesday, August 06 2014 and posted in Reviews

Part Illusion, Hiding Behind Masks: Madame Frankenstein #4!

Gail gets her first taste of the real world!

From Image Comics, comes the latest issue of Madame Frankenstein! From the creative team of Jamie S. Rich and Megan Levens, the cover of Madame Frankenstein by Joelle Jones and Nick Filardi has a carnival barker with various people appearing out of his hat.
Vincent Krall decides to take his creation, Gail, out for her first public appearance. Krall takes her to a carnival, where she would be able to blend in due to the natural distractions and crowds of colorful people. Gail gets her introductory glimpse into actual human interaction and emotions.
Jamie S. Rich reaches the midway point of Madame Frankenstein and with it brings great character development. Gail starts to understand feelings, with the possibility of another woman in Vincent Krall’s life. It’s an interesting turn for Krall, as he’s brought back to life the one woman he’s lusted after and now is pushing her to side, directly in front of her. His public image is intriguing, since he’s trying to keep up his classy persona, while being Gail’s caretaker.
Leaving the art in black and white allows Megan Levens' clean, smooth room to breathe. The carnival characters, and they certainly are characters, are larger than life and her crowd shots are brimming with fire, sometimes literally. Freddy’s tattoo designs are perfect, matching his profession and making him fit into the carnival freak-theme even better.
Madame Frankenstein is unique in that it’s in black and white, a twist on an old flavor and genuinely engrossing. Rich and Levens have taken the skeleton of a classic and added their own muscle, brain and most of all, heart. 

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