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The Quest of The Broken Blade: Samurai Jack #11!

Written by Tim Midura on Wednesday, August 20 2014 and posted in Reviews

The Quest of The Broken Blade: Samurai Jack #11!

Subtitle: This blade is strong. Its spirit will endure this hardship.

After a series of one-shots, Samurai Jack begins his next arc, The Quest of The Broken Blade in Samurai Jack #11. From Jim Zub and Andy Suriano, with colors by Josh Burcham, the main cover by Suriano features Jack and Soule the Seer (no relation to Charles, as of this writing) being chased by hellhounds. The subscription variant cover by Genndy Tartakovsky features a splintered sword with a reflection of Samurai Jack. 
Samurai Jack returns to Soule the Seer to find another way back to the past. Learning about the power locked inside his eldritch steel blade, he must find a way to unlock it and travel back home.
Jim Zub shows a different aspect of Samurai Jack that we rarely see, a Jack doing battle without his sword. Jack uses a looser fighting style, bringing a vulnerability to the character, in that he’s always relied on his sword to solve his problems. Here, we also see Jack’s complete trust in others that are willing to help him, even if that means carrying an old man on his back for miles. 
Andy Suriano returns to the series with some of his best work; the panel layouts are inventive and the last page splash will leave you heartbroken. There’s an amazing visual on the third page with all of the action of the first panel occurring solely inside the sound effect lettering; it shows off just how well Suriano and letterer Shawn Lee work together. Lee has his work cut out for him with Zub’s dialogue-heavy script and the multitude of sound effects. Inside the temple, colorist Josh Burcham uses interesting color choices to create a glow around the characters.
Zub and Suriano have crafted a strong story that Jack has yet to face before, that leaves his hopes figuratively and literally shattered. Samurai Jack will need all his wits and courage to repair his best chance at returning to his own time!

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