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Gleeview - Original Song

Written by Erik Galston on Wednesday, March 16 2011 and posted in Reviews

Erik Galston review's Glee's return to regional's in the episode "Original Song." Caution spoilers ahead. 

Tuesday night, New Directions competed at regionals on the episode entitled, "Original Song." This was an amazingly done episode. Probably the best episode the entire season.

The episode starts at Dalton Academy, where the Warblers are singing "Misery" by Maroon 5. It then moves back to McKinley where Rachel performs her newest original song, "Only Child," to not so good reception from Finn. Sue, still upset over the Cheerio's loss, tells Mr. Schuester that the group can't perform, My Chemical Romance's "Sing" for regionals as the group has refused to allow them to sing it. When told the news, Rachel manages to convince Mr. Schuester and New Directions to perform original songs at regionals.

This leads to the group spending a week writing their own songs. Santana, hurt by Brittany's rejection last week, writes and performs the song "Trouty Mouth," for Sam, who is visibly upset over it. Puck performs "Big Ass Heart" for Lauren, but that's shot down as a song. Mercedes performs "Hell To the No," but Mr. Schuester doesn't think its appropriate for regionals.

Over at Dalton, Kurt is jealous over the Warbler's love for Blaine. After the Warbler's mascot, Pavarotti dies, Kurt performs The Beatle's "Blackbird" in honor of him. Blaine is moved by this, and convinces the Warbler's to allow him and Kurt to perform a duet at regionals. While practicing, Blaine confesses his love to Kurt and they have their first kiss.

At McKinley, after confessing to Mr. Schuester how much Coach Sylvester harasses and belittles the glee club, the group comes up with the perfect anthem for the competition. At the same time, Rachel and Quinn are trying to write their ballad. Quinn tells Rachel that Quinn will be the one to end up with Finn, and Rachel will be left with a broken heart. When Rachel tries to respond, Quinn tells her its for her own good, Rachel shouldn't spend life in Lima and that's what will happen if she stays with Finn. Rachel tells Quinn she's wrong, and goes off to write the Ballard herself.

At regionals, in order to sway the judges, Rod Remington, Tammy Jean Albertson (a Tea Party Candidate), and Sister Mary Constance (a stripper turned nun), Sue's Aural Intensity performs "Jesus is my Friend."

The Warbler's are next, Kurt and Blaine perform Hey Monday's "Candles," followed by Pink's "Raise Your Glass" to a standing ovation.

The New Direction's are last up. Rachel, with back up from the female members of New Directions, performs her original song about her trials and tribulations with Finn, entitled "Get It Right." The club then follows that up with their anthem, "Loser Like Me," which gets everyone in the audience up on their feet. Sue, knowing the song is about her seems to be upset.

The judges meet to discuss the performances. Tammy believes that the Warbler's shouldn't win because of Kurt and Blaine's duet, but that Aural Intensity should for their choice. Sister Mary Constance is offended that they pandered to the judges. Rod throws out that New Directions was very catchy.

When the results are announced, the First Lady of Ohio, who's had too much to drink, cuts right to the chase and announces that New Directions were the winners. This news, cause Sue to lose it, and she punches the first lady.

Kurt and Blaine bury Pavarotti, and Kurt confesses that he wanted to win. Blaine said that he did win, he got Blaine.

At McKinley, Mr. Schuester announces that the group is gonna have MVP's for every competition. The first award is given to Rachel, who tells the group that all she's ever wanted to do was feel special, and that moment she did. The episode ends on a group hug.

This episode was amazing. It seemed that the vast majority of the characters stories advance, and it was nice for the show to finally have the group win.

The song choices were great, and the original songs, both the individual efforts and the ones used at regionals were amazing. In an age of bullying and people insult others left and right for being different, "Loser Like Me," speaks to everyone who's ever felt like an outcast. It was the perfect anthem for the group, and the show as a whole.

It was also very nice to have not one but two performances that included Kurt. Say what you will about the character, Chris Colfer's voice is amazing, and its something that has been missing in the last few episodes.

The judges this year weren't the best. Last year it was nice to have the celebrities who had been on the show play exaggerated versions of themselves. This year judges were not funny, and didn't add anything to the episode. Though it was nice to see Kathy Griffin play against character, and be the total opposite of the person she is. I cringed though when Kathy's character was saying all the stuff gays. Loretta Devine is a great actress, but her character was horrible.

It was nice to see the group win, and have the episode end on a positive note, not only for New Directions and Rachel, but Kurt and Blaine.

This was the last episode until April 12, and Glee really seemed to pull out all the stops for it. This episode earned an A in my book, as it totally turned my night from kind of down and boring, to happy and full of fun. I recommend that people take a listen to "Loser Like Me," its a fun upbeat pop song, that really sends a positive message, and could easily be played on the radio.

Written or Contributed by: Erik Galston

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