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Madame Frankenstein Comes To Its Thrilling Conclusion!

Written by Tim Midura on Wednesday, November 05 2014 and posted in Reviews

Madame Frankenstein Comes To Its Thrilling Conclusion!

But you made me who I am, doctor!

The final issue of Jamie S. Rich and Megan Levens' spin on an old classic, Madame Frankenstein is released this week, from Image Comics. Joelle Jones and Nick Filardi’s cover features Gail back on Dr. Krall’s operating table.
Vincent Krall and Gail come full circle, both returning to Dr. Krall’s lab in a final confrontation. Jamie S. Rich expertly balances Dr. Krall’s fall into madness and Gail’s rise in notoriety and intelligence. Dr. Krall’s personality change over the course of the series quickens even faster here, over every turned page.
Megan Levens leaves nothing unused for this final issue. The way the fairies flitter across the panel edges, show just how lithe and magical they truly are. Use of dutch angles throw things off kilter paralleling Krall’s insanity. I would normally question the use of a blacked out page or panel, but Levens’ single use fits the flow of the story perfectly. Page after page of Linda wrapped in medical bandages makes me want to see Rich and Levens take on a mummy series. The final page’s full splash oozes despair and hopelessness, being the ultimate and ideal end to this tragic love story. 
Jamie S. Rich and Megan Levens’ create one hell of a villain in Vincent Krall, telling the tale of his downward spiral and descent into mania. Madame Frankenstein sees Rich twist the old tale into something even creepier, set against Levens’ cinematic, wide, black and white panels. For horror and sci-fi fans, Madame Frankenstein is a must read.

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