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The Murder Victim Returns To The Crime Scene in The Double Life of Miranda Turner #4!

Written by Tim Midura on Thursday, December 04 2014 and posted in Reviews

The Murder Victim Returns To The Crime Scene in The Double Life of Miranda Turner #4!

Find out what happened the night of Lindy's murder!

After a long hiatus, Jamie S. Rich and George Kambadais are back with issue 4 of The Double Life of Miranda Turner, published by Monkeybrain Comics. Sold exclusively through Comixology, this issue’s cover by Kambadais features Lindy Turner, with a bloody boot and glove, standing in front of a spiraled background.
Miranda Turner has finally received information regarding who killed her sister Lindy, The Cat. Jamie S. Rich continues the playful banter between the two sisters (one haunting the other, although haunting is a strong word). He further shows Miranda’s inexperience as a hero, using Lindy’s ghost as her mentor. The reveal that leads up to Lindy’s death, earning the issue its “retitling,” comes naturally through solid storytelling.
George Kambadais designs echo Batman The Animated Series, with his clean line work and simple coloring. The sepia toned flashbacks separate them from the present time and when the two time lines are side by side, they’re easy to follow. The panel of Miranda seeing Lindy’s ghost for the first time is genius use of using dialogue to have the reader’s eye create its own sense of motion in a single panel. A small, yet smart design comes from letterer Crank! using blue speech bubbles for Lindy echoing her blue ghost nature. 
This issue is the darkest so far of the short series, but retains the humor and playfulness of previous issues. The mystery is unfolding smoothly, as Miranda gets one step closer to finding her sister’s killer. The Double Life of Miranda Turner is well worth the $0.99 price tag on Comixology, especially if Rich and Kambadais can get this book back on a regular schedule.

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