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Silver Surfer #2 (2011 Mini-Series) Review

Written by 365Dom on Friday, March 25 2011 and posted in Reviews

After losing his board and cosmic silver coating by way of a gnarly wave named the High Evolutionary, how will Norrid Radd adjust to a powerless life? Plus, what's up with Marvel's Limited Series numbering errors?

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Credits & Solicit Info:

Silver Surfer #2 (2011 Limited Series) - "Rebirth"

Humbled by the High Evolutionary, the Silver Surfer is now at the mercy of the masses he once flew far above. Can he escape persecution by human authorities in time to stop the Evolutionary from turning the legacy of Galactus to his own ends? And after all this time, does Norrin Rand still have what it takes to prove that one common man can save the world? The new gold standard for the Silver Surfer continues!

Writer: Greg Pak
Pencilers: Harvey Tolibro and Stephen Segovia
Cover: Carlo Pagulyan

Published: March 23, 2011

Price: $2.99 - 22 Pages


Silver Surfer #1 - Cover
Silver Surfer #1
It's like wearing a baseball hat all the time.

Have you ever noticed that many retired baseball players, and people who have worn hats for many years, start losing their hair? When the head is constantly kept warm, and cut off to circulating air for long periods of time, the head stops growing hair. Wearing a hat all of the time will lead to baldness. Now...think about what would happen if you wore a hat over your whole body...every day...for many years. Not only would you be bald, but you would be completely hairless! Norrin Radd, a.k.a. the Silver Surfer, wore a full body silver hat for years and some how still has eyebrows and eyelashes. Also, if you notice on the cover of Silver Surfer #2, he is wearing some silver coated briefs...I hope those were thrown away after the coating came off. That's a long time to wear a pair of underwear.

In Silver Surfer # 2, Greg Pak writes another Silver Surfer tale which involves him losing his cosmic powers. The first time Pak attacked this idea was during his "Planet Hulk" run where he had a powered down Hulk do gladiatorial battle with a powered down Silver Surfer. If you haven't picked-up "Planet Hulk" in HC I would suggest doing so. Seeing the Surfer show-up and fight the Hulk using his surfboard as a shield will leave lasting stills in your head for so long, your brain will go bald.

While Pak presents a drastically different powered down Norrin Radd who expresses his feelings and other girly things such as his dissatisfaction with this year's "American Idol" judges and the cast of "Dancing With the Stars," Pak is still able to tell a compelling story highlighted by what the High Evolutionary is doing with the stolen Silver Surfer powers. Anything he wants!

The art team of Harvey Tolibro and Stephen Segovia is good enough for a mini series on a B-list character. The one thing I did not like was that the comic book doesn't tell me which pages are drawn by who. Maybe they had panels on the same page, but if not, I like when book's credits tell you who's pages are who's. That information would be useful when complaining about the panel where Norrin Radd says he split his knee open when attacking a guard, yet in the next panel his knees look fine. Since I don't know specifically who to attack I won't attack either. This time...

Not So Fast Marvel

Don't think I forgot about you M.I.N.D. (Marvel Issue Numbering Division). The inconsistency of your Limited Series numbering over the past year has been noticed. On the cover of Silver Surfer #1 (as seen in the upper right hand corner) the numbering "1 of 5" appears. Where as Silver Surfer #2 (as seen in the "Credits..." section) is numbered "1 of 4." With a limited issue run you would think Marvel could plan out how many books are going to be in the series. This happened some months ago with Marvel's Taskmaster mini series, as well. If you view the covers below you will see that their numbering changed a couple of issues in to the series, as well. They went from "1of 4," to "2 of 5," to "3 of 4." It's not a big deal, but let's get it straightened-out over there M.I.N.D. You've got a reputation to maintain.

Taskmaster - Covers
Taskmaster Covers 1-3

Review by: Dom G

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