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Chaos - A review of MASSIVE Misproportions!

Written by CajunBean on Wednesday, February 25 2015 and posted in Reviews

Chaos - A review of MASSIVE Misproportions!

Putting a gun to Amanda's head couldn't get this thing done, so CajunBean goes diving headlong into a deep tale about boobs, boobs, and maybe even a few more boobs!


Writer: Tim Seeley

Artist: Mirka Andolfo

Publisher: Dynamite

Price: 19.99

OK... so, this book is a doozey. Chaos is a tale about the absurd lineup of the 90's "bad girl" cliche, and really only wrangling up the B-listers. There is no Lady Death here, but we have her odd sidekick Evil Ernie. There is not a Vampirella in sight, but we do get the company of her demonic knock off Purgatori. So if you needed a book with ample bosom, Chaos has got you more than covered, hell maybe even a little smothered.

Writer Tim Seeley really does go to work here, diligently trying to craft a tale with an obscene amount of characters. Though the book is meant to be stand alone, due to the sheer numbers of personalities in play, there is an almost necessary constant allusion to previous stories. At times the reader will feel lost and confused, and this might be in part due to their unfamiliarity with the world and its oddly large cast. Other times the reader will simply be lost, because Tim really wanted to juggle an insane amount of characters.

As the plot moves forward, it is largely up to the reader to figure out what the bloody hell the plot even is. Or who the bad guy is. Or what are the good guys trying to accomplish. 

Script-wise, there is not an abundance of coherency, but there is certainly an abundance of something else. Action. You thought I was going to say boobs, huh? Well, there is tons of that as well, but really, the driving force behind this book is one gigantic angry brawl after another between a treasure trove of buxom and oddly hostile creatures. Why are they fighting? I am not sure half the time. Are 90% of them battling in basically a bikini? Oh you bet yer ass they are!

As far as the art duties go, the work is really functional, and often times admirable for what it is. There is spine bending galore, and anatomy goes way out the window. The female models basically feel all copy and paste with detail changed here and there, but this is really the end result of the characters selected for the tale and less likely the fault of Mirka's artistic design. However with the male characters we do see a bit of flex, as Mirka does portray Evil Ernie's skeletal frame quite well, and the shifting scenes for the werewolf feel well executed. 

The battle scenes often feel like a muddled mess, but it's largely due to the constant and grand scale of each combative moment. The finer scenes play out when one or two characters are at each other's throats, which are less prevalent than the times when we have epic scale battles between quite a few characters. In the grander battles who is smashing who is less important than the fact someone is being smashed period.

In summation, you kind of know what you are getting when you by this book. The cover art tells you more than enough. Seeley seems to have sincerely put in a great effort in playing architect, but the story is severely undermined by its characters, vast scope, and necessitated back stories. He tries, but the cast is simply far too two dimensional and vast. The art is fun, and man do we get some boobs, but nothing really exciting or new presents itself in this body (heh heh heh) of work.

2 out of 5

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