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Behold The Burping Bandit in Chew #47!

Written by Tim Midura on Wednesday, March 25 2015 and posted in Reviews

Behold The Burping Bandit in Chew #47!

Step away from your milk.

Blood Puddin’ continues in Chew #47 from Image Comics. This issue of John Layman and Rob Guillory’s zany comic about definitely ordinary government agencies, like the FDA and NASA, comes with a Garbage Pail Kids homage cover by Guillory of the rubbish rooster, Poyo.
With Olive Chu and Mason Savoy safely recovering in the hospital, Agent Colby is assigned to find his missing partner, Poyo, while Tony and D-Bear strengthen their partnership. I’m surprised the FDA doesn’t have agents posted on the hospital, but I can see due to cutbacks how that would be on the backburner. Agent Colby is guilty over what happened to Poyo, but I feel he’s more worried about the consequences. We’re also seeing this newer renegade side to Tony, as opposed to the clean cut Tony, from the beginning. It’s nice to know that while D-Bear is getting used to working for the law, he’s not ashamed to eat a big bucket of illegal fried chicken at work.
The title page acts as a flashback to the Just Desserts arc of Tony’s takedown of Bon Vivants, acting as a contrast to later events. Rob Guillory’s colors, along with Taylor Wells’ flatting, give this one scene a sepia tone, showing its age. The background gags are still highpoints for the series with a newspaper headline, “FDA Punches Baby. Twice.” transitioning into “FDA Wins Lawsuit Against Baby”. It’s a pretty angry, stern issue as most characters' expressions range from scowling to downright pissed. 
Tony and Colby are still working through guilt in their own ways, while larger (even legal) forces are right around the corner. 
PS. I really hope Layman and Guillory get around to crossing a chog with a megatriceratops.

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