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Batman: The Brave and the Bold 3.01: Battle of the Superheroes!

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, March 30 2011 and posted in Reviews

Superman finally makes his debut! You know what that means? CARTOON SUPER DICKERY! Oh and an epic fight with Batman.

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Credits & Solicit Info:


Diedrich Bader as Batman
Roger Rose as Superman/Clark Kent
John Di Maggio as Pharaoh,Toyman
Sirena Irwin as Lois Lane
Richard McGonagle as Perry White, Brainiac
Alexander Polinsky as Jimmy Olsen
Kevin Michael Richardson as Lex Luthor, Mr. Mxyzptlk
Jeremy Shada as Robin
Gabrielle Carteris as Vicky Vale


*Yes, we in America got to see a brand-spanking-new episode before everyone else did. USA! USA!" "Battle of the Superheroes!" is the first episode of season 3; the next two weeks of episodes are the true end to season 2. So take in the glory of Mr. Mind, the Marvel Family, Lord Death Man, and the ultimate Scooby Doo/Batman crossover, my fellow Americans.

We've had cameos (during the sidekick-centric episode) and hints, but never a full-swing appearance by the Man of Steel - until this episode. Superman gets "The Brave and the Bold" treatment at long last, and like previous special appearances his world is the focus of the episode. From his supporting cast (Lois, Krypto, and Jimmy) to his rogues (Lex Luthor and a few I won't spoil), we get the full scoop on Supes' history. But "Battle of the Superheroes!" really covers a subject that every Superman episode previously ignored: what a Superdick Superman can be.
Finally! I lost count of the homages this episode brings to the table. I was crying with laughter when they went there with the Superpope hat; it's right up there as one of the best moments of this show. Once more I praise the creators of "The Brave and the Bold" for giving viewers the kinds of insights we've never seen in a Superman cartoon before, in addition to focusing on a totally new era of his life.

Though if that wasn't enough fun, the writers behind this episode top themselves with an homage fight straight out of "The Dark Knight Returns." The moment I saw Batman in that all-too-familiar suit, I was in awe. I never saw this moment coming and expected something else entirely. Seriously, only this show could balance all these levels of superhero comics, and, though I digress, it's gonna be a shame when this show inevitably ends because we probably won't see this kind of love for the genre for a long time.
About the only criticism I could offer for this episode was the portrayal of Lex Luthor. He was just "meh" compared to what we've had in the past. Sure, his evil plan and his inevitable downfall were cool. But the overall design, I dunno; I was expecting the purple and green uniform, or maybe battle armor. We sort of got that with his ship (which I swear was a toy from the Super Powers line), but just something felt off to me. Also what is with Lex ripping off a certain Latervia ruler's modus operandi?! Overall, the problems I had with Lex were more than offset by the cool rogues they had to round out the episode.

Speaking of fiends, the opening was just fantastic. Wiki says the villain in the intro was The Pharaoh, but come on, he looked and acted like freaking King Tut. So I'll let the makers of this show call whatever they had to due to any copyright issues they have, but it's freaking King Tut - who we've haven't seen since the live action '60s show. How awesome is that?
This episode was a great way to open season 3, especially since it's the final season coming up. I really wonder what the people behind "The Brave and the Bold" have in store for us this season. I cannot wait to see how they'll handle Wonder Woman, and then what kind of threat they'll pit the Trinity against (which I'm assuming will probably be the series finale). If anyone who's a Superman fan hasn't seen "Battle of the Superheroes!" go find it. It ruled. The wait was so worth it.

5 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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