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Brides of Helheim #6

Written by Gavin D. on Thursday, June 04 2015 and posted in Reviews

Brides of Helheim #6

The conclusion to the continuation of what will inevitably be continued...

Endings are hard. LOST would probably be the best show to ever air if it hadn't ended instead of giving us a finale that many people consider to be a let down. Comics are no exception to this rule. The comics which live on as legendary stick the landing or are Watchmen, and the comics that don't stick the landing or aren't Watchmen are forgotten. Brides of Helheim is not one of these legendary comics, but it does stick the landing for a fun read.

Brides of Helheim comes to a conclusion this week with its sixth issue in the miniseries. The story of Sigrid and Rickard has been a bit all over the place and at times has even felt uneventful, but the finale finally puts forth the quality we expect from this team. Bunn not only brings the story to its logical conclusion but also elaborates on consequences of the events. Beyond that the story leaves room for conflict between characters going forward.

Joelle Jones is tasked with the art, so of course it is gorgeous. This issue contains less open space. The open space in previous issues left everything bland and boring, while having more behind the characters usually benefits Jones's style. The landscape continues to be barren in this issue, but the action truly takes center stage. Even in the moments of violence, character development continues through the facial expressions and demeanor of characters. Filardi's colors assist in this matter as he tonally establishes danger and continues to light scenes which other colorists may over saturate with darkness.

Brides of Helheim sticks the landing, redeeming any shortcomings of the early issues in this series. The plot concludes in a satisfying manner but leaves just enough questions that you have something to look forward to when Helheim inevitably returns. By no means does this story end up in legendary status, but it is certainly enjoyable.

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