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Sym-Bionic Titan 1.19: The Steel Foe

Written by Zechs on Sunday, April 03 2011 and posted in Reviews

General Steel debuts his own giant robot the H.A.M.M.E.R., as our heroes still reel from the tragic events of the previous episode.

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With Octus still offline after the previous episode, Lance and Illana are helpless against the latest Muttradi monster sent after them. Enter the return of General Steel and his giant US tax paid mecha, the H.A.M.M.E.R. Desperate to bring back their robotic friend, the duo try to sneak into Steel's base to nab the energy core of his mechanical beast.
God this blows. One episode left and this series is over. With all the lingering plots left, there is no chance for all of them to be wrapped up. The series is gearing up for a season finale, which really is the series (Cartoon Network is canceling the show due to lack of merchandising and surprisingly not due to the ratings). I feel like this is Farscape all over again only this has a sprinkle of Firefly, because this show was axed just so prematurely. But that's a rant I'll save for the grand finale to this series.
Three weeks have passed from the last episode and one supporting character of the high school is reeling of the lack of our favorite trio being there, Kimmy (and technically Steve Stevens). I dunno.. after this the episode kind of fell sort of flat for me. I was sort of expecting Lance and Illana to be with G3 after the previous episode, but nada. Sure we get that connection again at the end, and yeah it kinda makes the whole point of the pair snooping around Steel's base redundant. I just wish we where given a more clear reason why Lance and Illana weren't with them in the beginning then just trying to evade the Muttradi monster. The same goes for Solomon who just waits even though technically he crossed that line to ally with this group of outcasts in the previous episode.
Still, the scenes of the Lance and Illana just being there for the other where sweet and it defined how close the two have gotten since the series began. Also the episode brings the feud between Solomon and Steel to it's apex. The action Solomon and G3 take in the episode finally gives what Steel has been aching to do since the series' opener. You got a really good feeling during this episode that the next truly is the finale to this season, which was awesome.
Also I know Steel is an utterly one dimensional character (seriously does this dude have any sort of compassion or reason?), but in the vein of Thunderbolt Ross and J. Jonah Jameson this dude just fits that type so well. Seeing him revel in his newfound popularity was revealing of how arrogant and egoistical he is. I have to admit I've kinda missed his bullheadedness.
As for the H.A.M.M.E.R. is is a absolute bulky and heavy armament mech compared to the more sleek Titan. I'm hoping at the very least we see the two mechs go at it during the finale, but I'm probably betting we won't get it. I honestly don't know what we'll get during this "series" finale. The only thing is we got a nice prelude to what appears to be a nasty storm that will be brewing for the final episode.

4 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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