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Adam.3 #1: The Widescreen Utopian Wonderland

Written by Wesley Messer on Thursday, August 13 2015 and posted in Reviews

Adam.3 #1: The Widescreen Utopian Wonderland

A Kirby-Tastic widescreen wonderland from the mind of Scott Kolins this is Adam.3 #1 from Dark Horse Comics.

Source: Dark Horse Comics

Adam.3 #1
Story and Artist: Scott Kolins
Letterer: Michael Heisler

Scott Kolins has always been an artist I've enjoyed ever since his Flash run with Geoff Johns at DC Comics. I've followed his stuff over the years and have always been impressed with his skill. Now with Adam.3 at Dark Horse, he's doing his first ever creator-owned project where he's writing and drawing the adventure. Adam.3 is a Jack Kirby-tastic book on overdrive. The short version of Adam.3 is Adam is with his family on an island; it's peaceful overall, but there's a growing darkness in the wind. That's the simplest way to put this, and about the basic gist of the story. With this premise comes endless ideas that show that Scott Kolins is cutting loose on this in a way that's unlike anything I've seen him work on before. No hiding this one my friends, I enjoyed this but I guess you all need more convincing huh? Let's get this started as we enter the futuristic island wonderland of Adam.3 #1.

Now what I dig about this comic is Scott Kolins is going off the charts nuts with this book. It's endlessly creative in designs, storytelling, and beautiful vistas to behold. It helps that the book is published in a widescreen format that should show off all these ideas in glorious style. You have amazing visuals all over the map here. It's why I am talking so much about the art here at this stage, I cannot rave enough about it. Great coloring is all over the place, it is freaking beautiful. It shows the excitement in this comic as it's also filled with endless action and energy. You have a nice mix of jungle action and then this mix of futuristic technology scattered throughout. It's a cool merging of two ideas that adds an extra sense of wonder to the story. Adam.3 #1 is pure fun on the art side and that's not to be denied at all. You are going to hear Kirby inspired a lot in describing this comic and it fits like a glove.

Now for Kolins writing on this, it's a quirky mix. The writing is perfect to match the energy of the story. The beats in the energetic art are also flowing throughout Kolins writing. Kolins makes a point to keep the story flowing as much as the art draws you in. Adam is a solid character as he cares for his family, for the animals around him, and the entire jungle island he's on. Skye is hard to judge, as she doesn't get a lot of screen time as of yet, so it's hard to say where she'll go. Beo, as his son, is going to be interesting to see where he goes as the story goes forward. Now for Mojo, their kindly pet, from what the story gives me anyway, I wanted to hug Mojo. Mojo is possibly one of the most adorable things Kolins has ever drawn. The story is still coming together but you can tell things are about to go down and go crazy and I like what I see.

Adam.3 #1 is such a joy to read. Every page made me smile in one way or another. Adam.3 hit the spot for what I totally dig about comics at their most joyous. Bright action adventure and one electric blast of wonderment to make you smile. Adam.3 #1, it's a cool read and you won't regret putting this on your comic book stack.

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