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Do-Gooders: How to Teach Kids to Read Comics

Written by Gavin D. on Wednesday, August 26 2015 and posted in Reviews

Do-Gooders: How to Teach Kids to Read Comics

Because you want your daughter to be her own person, but like everything that you like.

Source: Oni Press

Writer| J. Torres

Artist| Justin Wagner

Colorist| Warren Wucinich

Letterer| Jared Jones

If you are reading this on your own and by your own choice, then Do-Gooders may not be for you. If there is a small child begging for your attention, then Do-Gooders is for them. The one-shot title from Oni Press is not a floppy, but a board comic, designed for parents to read to their children while teaching the technique used in reading a comic book.

The book opens up with a simple set of instructions.


From there you follow the simple story of sharing and being kind as "Do-Gooders do." What's interesting about this book is its emphasis on the core of superheroes: their selflessness and compassion. This is a positive attribute of the book, as such a lesson would teach children the importance of loving super-heroes, rather than books about superheroes who bicker about legislation and how to handle world shattering incursions, which, albeit well written and fantastic to read, are far from the purpose of the heroes we love.

The book's stated purpose of teaching children how to read comics is fulfilled through pages with two to three panels each. Using the power of pointing you simply guide your child through the panels in the proper order. This simple idea is brilliant, but I feel it may have been more beneficial to include a few four panel pages as well. The art, as well as the colors, is welcoming for young children, and the lettering is simple and easy to follow, so, as the child learns to read for themselves, they should be able to do this by themselves.

If you are a parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, sibling, or some other familial member wanting to teach a young one about comic books and the unique method of reading the pages, Do-Gooders is not a bad place to start.

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