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Room With a Review: Annihilators #2

Written by 365Dom on Thursday, April 07 2011 and posted in Reviews

While Annihilators #2 has a few pleasure packed panels of the big boys doing their thang', the art of Timothy Green II, on the Rocket Raccoon/Groot back-up story, makes this comic worth a green Lincoln...and some smaller silver Lincolns (tax).

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Credits & Solicit Info:

Annihilators #2

"Dark Sun Rise"

As the Wraith's deadly Black Sun ascends and their foul magicks return, the home world of the SpaceKnights looks as if it will be the first planet to fall to their might! Only the awesome Annihilators, the newest and most powerful Marvel team of all, stand between the Wraiths and total galactic conquest!

Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Pencils: Tan Eng Huat

"There is Unrest in the Forest, There is Trouble with the Trees"

Rocket Raccoon races to Planet X to rescue his old buddy Groot. But what is the secret from Rocket's past that is coming back to haunt him?

Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Pencils: Timothy Green II (doesn't "II" just mean Jr.?)

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: 4/6/2011

42 pages for $4.99


An unwritten axiom of comedy suggests that when you are a famous comedian, the audience will laugh at your first joke simply because of who you are; but, to keep the audience laughing throughout a set you need to have good material. Annihilators feels like the comic book version of this axiom in that it brought together some of Marvel most powerful heroes to create something readers would be interested in, but after getting through the first two issues of Annihilators, the interest is fading because the material is not amazing...some of it, anyway.

Whats the Deal With Annihilators?

To be fair to Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, the story is not bad. It just is not special. In Annihilators #2, readers get a little more action from the heavy-hitting members such as Beta Ray Bill and Ronan the Accuser. Ronan, possibly the weakest of the mighty beings on the team, proves his power by planting his hammer on the chin of the man who previously (in Annihilators #1) messed-up the Silver Surfer's hand...his dainty little silver-coated hand.

Unfortunately, besides Ronan's dome-shot and some cool panels of the team springing into action, the story falls a little flat. Maybe if there was more action I could at least convince myself that the first story in the Annihilators #2 is my Transformers 2 (which I enjoy purely for the visuals), but at the moment, "Dark Sun Rise", the first story in Annihilators #2, is not as intense as I hoped.

With that said...

Annihilators #2 - Rocket RaccoonDNA's second story in Annihilators #2 continues to make $4.99 a bearable price to spend on a single comic book. The back-up adventure, which stars Rocket Raccoon and features Groot, uses every bit of its 22 pages to thrill the hell out of me with fantastic panels that include a squirrel firing a gun while yelling, "You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts!" Classic. The story draws humor from every creature in the comic, and that includes the "Timely Inc. Shipment Processing and Analysis Device" which may not know love (since it is a machine) but it's comedic lines are pleasantly...timely.

In "There is Unrest in the Forest, There is Trouble with the Trees", Rocket Raccoon combines forces with other cute gun-toting creatures, and he teams up with his pal Groot to take on an army of crazed weapon wielding clowns. The issue has looking better than ever Rocket thanks to the art of Timothy Green II and his lively panels.

Panel Highlights Include:

  • Annihilators #2 - GrootThe movement felt in every flip Rocket attempts, such as his misty-flip (while shooting two clowns in their heads, of course) in battle, adds to the beautifully paced story.
  • The second full page of the story reveals a wonderfully designed flying mini-bike for Rocket that comes complete with a wire system to hold Rocket in place. Brilliant design!
  • A panel featuring a mushroom-man asking for an "extra day off" from decomposing shit (literally) displays the fun character design Timothy Green II brings to the Annihilators back-up.
Reader's frustration with the first story in Annihilation #2 may keep some from continuing to purchase this $4.99 title; however, I would suspect that thanks to a very entertaining back-up story (which actually has more pages than the main story) readers will bite the cute animal-shot bullet and continue to get the last two issues of this limited series.

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Review by: Dom G

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