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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 1.22: Ultron-5

Written by Zechs on Thursday, April 07 2011 and posted in Reviews

Ultron has turned against his creators Hank Pym, Tony Stark, and the Avengers.

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*This episode was shown at C2E2 during the animation panel. Ironically, new episodes of the show are airing in Australia. But I'm gonna wait till most air in the States in late May (right after the live action Thor movie hits). I'll be reviewing this episode and another which I'll be posting shortly. I'm going to try patience no matter how tempting it is, given that another Masters of Evil storyline is a-coming.

Any long time Avengers fan saw this event coming. Ultron becomes sentient and starts thinking for itself. The Avengers are in for the fight of their lives. After this fight ends nothing will be the same. As the march to the season finale begins, one Avenger's life deviates from the others and another choses to leave the team.
I have to admit this was a nicely padded subplot that they've followed up on since the beginning of this series, and the payoff was great. I'm only surprised it took this long for the writers behind the show to finally pull the trigger; I thought they should have after the Kang Trilogy. If anything, that's the greatest flaw this episode has. Ultron, while quite a pain to beat in the episode, just didn't feel much a threat to me. Sure he blasted an Avenger to heck, but the moment the Hulk came on the scene you knew what was going to happen. Though it might not be the end of Ultron, with all the hints throughout the episode of future Ultron storylines. By scanning Cap's shield you just know the writers are hinting at a future adamantium Ultron, or hopefully an adaptation of Ultron Unlimited. I am kind of disappointed that this episode gave no hints of Vision or Jocasta, but we were given a lot of additional, other stories with this episode.
Of course, the show did throw me for a loop with the ending. I didn't expect it, and I'm giddy that this will be a two-parter. It's worth the wait til May to find out what happens next. This episode truly starts the end game of revealing who is in control of the Masters, and a certain member of that group's fondness for a member of the Avengers.
Still, this episode had A LOT of great moments. My personal favorite involved the Hulk. Yeah, you knew it was coming, but still how he got to that point was just awesome. Four other Avengers get their bad assery on in this episode and it was great. All of the moments are just something that just stuns you because they were so unexpected. When I saw the episode at C2E2, I was just in awe at what I saw. I'm still in awe at what I saw. So you know this show is doing something right when they get you all giddy over moments like these.
About the only other negative I can think of in this episode, besides Ultron's overall plan, was Hank. They've been playing up his passive nature somewhat, but I figure they should have built that up a little more to make what he does in the episode more shocking. It's strange that, given the end, there's no talk of his actions at the start of the episode. Is he still an Avenger or not?
Regardless, this was a real fun episode that had some great payoff moments. Ultron was just a joy to watch and see continue to evolve throughout the episode. It makes you wonder what else do they have for this character in the next episode. Not to mention what kind of "improvements" will we see?
You can actually feel the season is building up to an end. I cannot wait to see where the show goes from here and what they'll be fighting in the end. Will it be Loki? Will Zemo weasel his way into being the big bad? Red Skull or Dr. Doom out of nowhere? Will we find out who caused the breakout? Will we see the Kree/Skrull War that Kang spoke of? I'm guessing we won't see all these answered but it'll be a fun ride nonetheless.

4 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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