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Review: Godzilla in Hell #3, Rio De Gojira

Written by Justin Micallef on Thursday, October 01 2015 and posted in Reviews

Review: Godzilla in Hell #3, Rio De Gojira

"Godzilla suffered, and on the third day Godzilla rose again, ascending into Heaven" - The Kaiju Creed from the Toho Bible (New Testament)

Source: none

Written by: Ulises Farinas & Erick Frietas

Art by: Buster Moody

Color Assist by Ludwig Laguna Olimba

Edits by: Bobby Cyrbiw

Letters/Creative Consultant: Chris Mowry


Godzilla's in Brazil, he fights Space-Godzilla, they go to Heaven(?), fall into Hell, Godzilla kills him, and that's it.

And it's awesome.

The most important thing to keep in mind when reading Godzilla in Hell (or for that matter, any story involving Kaiju) is to not overthink it, because at the core, it's all pure fun (and the dangers of nuclear war blah blah blah). Transitioning to a new rotation of creators again this issue, we rely on Buster Moody to depict our favorite giant monster and the outer-dimensions of Heaven and Hell. For the most part, he utterly succeeds.

Moody's line work takes a much more Saturday-Morning-Cartoon approach to Godzilla (and this is not a fault in the slightest) compared to the previous iterations in this series (like James Stokoe's beautiful Metal-Slug esque depiction). His art is almost like if you took all the doodles in the back of your Language Arts notebooks from 9th grade and hyper-realized them into the exquisite awesomeness lurking the back of your boredom.

The core theme of this issue, realized by the plotting of Farinas and Freitas, is that of worship/submission. We, as the reader, see this clearly through the myriad of symbols/plot choices (the Christ Statue in Rio-De-Janero). Seriously, the God(?) of all Kaiju's appears in this issue and you should pick this one up for no reason other than this. And what remains satisfying is Godzilla's Kierkegaardian-esque singular approach to everything, "destroy, or move away from me".

Whatever, I really enjoyed this issue and wanted to betray my first paragraph and over analyze it, sue me.

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