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Sym-Bionic Titan 1.20: A Hero Returns

Written by Zechs on Monday, April 11 2011 and posted in Reviews

In the series finale, it's the H.A.M.M.E.R. vs. G3 vs. Mutraddi Mega-Beasts with Lance and Illana caught in the middle.

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Kevin Thoms as Lance
Tara Strong as Illana
Brian Posehn as Octus
Tim Russ as Solomon
John DiMaggio as General Steel
Kari Wahlgren as Kimmy
Bill Fagerbakke as Edwin
Audrey Wasilewski as Barb


After the previous episode, the creators of the show make good on the war between G3 and the Hammer. But, before a victor can be claimed, Modula sends out three Mutraddi mega-beasts. This so doesn't look to be a good day for Earth. Oh did I forget to mention Octus still is kind of dead? Yeah, not good at all to be an Earthling or a member of Titan.
Dear God why does this show have to end?! If this was ten years ago, this show would've had a long grand run on Toonami or some other action toon block this would've endured and had a lengthy run. Yet in the present day, animation of this quality just doesn't have a life in the states. The only way shows endure now if is if they're outside the US (Johnny Test or the countless Japanese anime ported here), hugely cheap (the entire original programing of Adult Swim), or hugely profitable (Ben 10 and the Clone Wars). No matter what kind of assurances, animated show could always find itself on the chopping block without warning (Spectacular Spider-Man and G.I. Joe: Renegades anyone?). I hope that somehow someway this show might somehow survive somewhere. The concept, the characters, and the art where just stunning. But I doubt we'll see any resurrections of the Futurama or Family Guy kind here alas.
As for the episode itself, it felt like a season finale and was a pretty good one at that. We do thankfully get some humor at first, before the plunge into the action (courtesy of Solomon being absolutely still while demonstrating all the toys Lance and Illana have in their new room).
What worked best for me in the episode was of course Solomon and the action. For the former it was just fascinating to watch him scheme and plan with but the slightest of words and mannerisms. We will never know his grander plan, but it seemed he really was a trusted ally to Titan and the gang. Even if he was an alternate costume Alucard from Hellsing, Solomon was a great character.
The action was just perfect from the three fights and how powerful the beasts where to the fight G3 has with H.A.M.M.E.R. during the middle of the episode. There where a lot of great bits with Lance and Illana taking out the US jets. The best one being the final one with Lance had an almost Looney Tune quality to it. Plus the art on this show, just wow. One could make a ton of wallpapers out of screen caps for one episode of this show.
About the only flaw I hated was how quickly the H.A.M.M.E.R. was brought down in the episode. After so much hype and fanfare it's end was pretty simple. Of course I hungered for this and Titan to go to blows, but what we saw of it was just an awing sight. I wonder if the show endured would Steel have made a 2.0 or would Solomon gotten his mits on the remains? Regardless, it was awesome to see Steel be given the J. Jonah ending, begrudgingly acknowledging Titan saving them all.
Plus the other great flaw is it's over. After this episode, no more. Which is a pain because there are so many un-answered questions. How did Modula and his relationship with the Mutraddi begin? Would the Titan trio ever come back to Galaluna? And of course, just who the heck is Dr. Claw, the possible real head of G3? We get more of a look at the character in this episode even if he's heavily shadowed. We know he has great knowledge of Galaluna tech. The dude also has two steel robotic hands. Was it really Lance's dad who was Dr. Claw or someone else?
Then there's the grand return of Octus. I had a great fear we never get it due to the show ending, but when he came floating down like Robo-Jesus a big smile came upon my face. Then an actual tear at the end of the show, given it provides closure on another subplot that started in the previous episode.
Ugh... why did this show have to end? There was so much more potential for it. Though I digress, that was it's great flaw in the beginning all this potential. During the course of the series we saw some of it be cashed in. Yet, staring at the end of this series I just wish we had more. I kind of hope Cartoon Network gives this series at least DVD treatment, but they'll probably pull a Megas XLR and never see one. A darn shame to say the least. Still, this episode once more showed us how great it was and it'll be sorely missed.

5 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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