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Geekeryviews: Infinite Vacation #2

Written by Martin John on Thursday, April 14 2011 and posted in Reviews

Martin John reviews Infinite Vacation #2!

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32 PAGES, FC, $3.50

In a world where travel between alternate realities has become a massive commercial enterprise, Mark races to uncover the truth behind his many mysterious deaths. Meanwhile, the brains behind The Infinite Vacation suddenly take a keen interest in his struggle. And just who is that beautiful girl he keeps running into?


Bullet Review: Shut your computer down and go buy this comic.


Infinite Vacation is hot. If you like twisted, crazy narratives within your comics, ones that involve loves stories, philosophy, world-building, nudists and psychotic; then, gentleman, this is the comic for you. If you like stunning artwork, especially artists that are taking risks and trying something different in a comic that is catching mainstream attention, then this is a comic for you.

The first issue of Infinite Vacation captured my attention and the series is now holding it hostage with an atomic warhead of creativity. The second takes ideas that were planted in issue one and expands lovingly on them. If you were a little hazy about certain ideas involving the Infinite Vacation and what it means, most of your questions will be put to ease with the story between the covers of issue two.

For the uninitiated, the Infinite Vacation is an app wherein you can visit the multiple realities of your life as a vacation. Want to visit the reality where that redhead passed you on the street and you decided to say something instead of sticking your head down and walking by? In this world, you totally can. Most people are addicted to the Infinite Vacation, but there are people that believe that living someone else's life is escapism, and they are the "Deadenders".

Nick Spencer, Christian Ward and Kendall Bruns dial the excitement up to eleven with this issue. Our primary Mark is knocked out by a Mark with a mohawk, and wakes up with three of himself staring him in the face. Marks throughout the multiverse are being killed and Mark has barely just escaped being killed himself with the help of the other Marks. From there, the mysteries begin to unfold. Mark finds himself in the life of a Deadender, meeting a girl again that he pined for in the first issue. Spencer is weaving a tight plot much like his other comics, Morning Glories and T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents.

Ward is a delight, and the multimedia photography by Bruns is exciting to see in a comic. I'll talk about Bruns's work first. Photography has become part of the comics scene with artists Alex Ross and Tony Harris routinely modeling their panels after real people. Bruns's photography is taking that one step further and is using actors as well as photography for panel work. This has been done before, but mixed with Ward's artwork the photo panels are shocking. The overall effects works well in a story about multiple universes. Ward's beautiful color palette, strikingly bold panel arrangements, and Photoshop flourishes make this book a must-read. Ward has a way of making chaos look beautiful without sacrificing readability.

Infinite Vacation #2 has a cliffhanger that will leave you wanting more; but has enough between the covers to keep you engaged until the next issue, which will arrive in a more timely fashion. Even with some scheduling problems plaguing the second issue, its release remains a high point of my comic reading experience in the last few months.

Review by: Martin John

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