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The Unwritten #24 Review

Written by GLX on Monday, April 18 2011 and posted in Reviews

GLX reviews The Unwritten #24.

- Mike Carey
Layouts - Peter Gross
Finishes - Al Davison
Colorist - Chris Chuckry

In The Unwritten #24, Mike Carey and Peter Gross shift their focus on Tommy Taylor. Instead, the character that takes center stage is Pauly Bruckner. His character runs into a group of fictional animals that are trying to reach the Golden Door, which leads to where "the Maker" lives.

The differences between Pauly Bruckner and the Badger's group really makes this issue work. Pauly is corrupt and worldly, while the animals are pure and grounded. Besides their attitudes, Pauly and the other animals differ in their speech. The animals never use profanity, while Pauly curses constantly. It's disturbing to read of Pauly's actions and to see him get away with it; it's something that strikes a nerve and Carey does so effortlessly.

Gross' layouts keep the action clear and entertaining. Al Davison provides the finishes and his work fits Carey's script wonderfully. Davison does a great job of conveying the natures of the characters, through their appearance and body language. Chris Chuckry rounds out the comic's art team and he boosts Gross and Davison's work. As the comic progresses, it appears that Chuckry darkened the environment of the comic, in order to match the nature of the story. It adds an extra layer to the story, in that the comic's world is getting darker even though the characters are closer to the stairs.

The Unwritten #24 is disturbing, yet entertaining comic. It creeps under the skin not through gore, but through Pauly's evil nature. The animals that survive Pauly's ordeal have hope, but it's a twisted hope. Like the reader, the animals aren't the same after the comic's events.

8.1* out of 10*

Written or Contributed by: GLX
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