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Room With a Review: DC Universe Online Legends #6

Written by 365Dom on Thursday, April 21 2011 and posted in Reviews

The DC superhero comic for non-DC regulars keeps rolling along with multi-colored rings, an unfortunate death and the reappearance of a DC Universe legend.

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

DC Universe Online Legends #6 - "Downfall"

Writer: Tony Bedard
Art: Howard Porter & Livesay and Pop Mhan
Cover: Ed Benes and Randy Mayor

Published by: DC Comics
Release Date: 4/20/2011

$2.99 for 20 pages


I don't know if many people are still picking up DC Universe Online Legends, but as for me...I still anticipate its biweekly release.

The DC MMO video game-turned-26-issue-story is possibly the perfect comic book for comic book fans who are partial to Marvel comic books. Many comic book fans (who are partial to Marvel) know the main DC characters by way of picking up an event issue from time to time, noticing DC books alongside their superior Marvel titles, and of course from the many successful DC cartoon TV series and animated films. The fact is, a comic book fan knows a bit about most popular characters even if they never read about them.

DC Universe Online Legends is a great book, not just for its use of well-known characters, but also because the story being told is outside of what is currently going on in the DC universe. Outsiders don't have to worry about continuity issues or what a specific character's title has them doing. What happened with Blackest Night? It doesn't matter! What about the up-coming Flashpoint event...will that effect this DC Universe story? Hell no! Don't worry about continuity because DC Universe Online Legends doesn' a good way.

We get it already! Now tell us about the issue.dc-universe-online-legends-panel

The sixth Online Legends issue has Lex Luthor, the Atom and Black Canary getting a hold of deceased yellow lantern (including Sinistro) rings and stealing a container which supposedly holds stolen superhero powers. But just when things start to seem like they are turning in our heroes' favor, one of the heroes meets their sudden end via a green lantern ring attack by Braniac. The death concludes with a brutal small panel depicting the hero impaled by random spear-like wreckage (some people hope to die in their, I hope for the death by multiple impaling). The momentum shifts back toward Braniac in the matter of two pages, and just when readers start wondering if the story was possibly cut short and only a few issues remain, a banged-up dark knight appears on ice...and not in the dead way.

The only complaint I have with this issue is that it is only 20 pages long. I need more story! With only 20 pages for two stories (what led to the Braniac attack and what Luthor and DC heroes do after the attack), one can understand why this tale will take 26 issues. Each section of story can get about 10 pages each. That's not much! In DC Universe Online Legends #6 the story before Superman is killed, and the world is nearly taken over by Braniac, consists of one actual story development: how and why Lex got a facial scar and lost an eye (thus appearing the way he does in the future). Normally, a good issue would consist of more than a minor eye gauge, but with 10 pages...that's what you get.

Despite its short story-telling ability, DC Universe Online Legends #6 does include a death, a knight, a bunch of lantern rings...oh, and of course that sick eye gauge. All in all, the issue was pretty good for its page count and thankfully will be followed-up in only two weeks time.

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Review by: Dom G

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