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Review: Astropunk

Written by The Indie Huntress on Thursday, July 28 2016 and posted in Reviews

Review: Astropunk

I put the call out for a couple of reviews on social media and landed this gem: a sci-fi, action comic. Even better? It's just my style... indie. <3

Source: Kenneth Centers

Hey everyone! How's it going? I dipped in real quick to do a review on a comic, because well....frankly I miss it and I was bored. So, I put the call out for a few open reviews and got some biters. Did you miss me? No? C'mon. Yes you did. I know you've been well entertained by Zechs but I am most certain there is still a little love in your heart for me. If not for me, then the love of indie comics! That's right, another indie find for you to check out called, Astropunk.

This is the first issue in an ongoing series. A futuristic, action sci-fi set in a dystopian environment. Sci-fi and horror are becoming more readily available among indie books and I can appreciate that to the fullest extent. There are so many genres of comics being discovered and written now, there is something for everyone. From children's books to gore fests- the medium of comics is a playground for creators and readers of all types. The industry is constantly growing and evolving, self publishing has become easier with resources like social media and crowdfunding. Times have certainly changed for the better- especially for independent comics and more so for the creative teams behind them.

Getting back on track... let's talk about Astropunk and the people behind it.

Paul Gori is a fairly new illustrator on the scene of comics. His most recent titles include: Oathbound, Psychopath, Astropunk, Send in the Clowns, and The Emergents. He has also done some collaborative work with Michelle Joy Gallagher for her poetry website (and books). However, he has been putting pencil to paper for several years. The thing that I really appreciate about Paul's work is faces. He creates some fascinating characters that express emotion in ways that are unique and powerful. There have been many books I have read where facial features didn't adjust to the scene or mouths didn't open for lines- causing me to focus more on the lettering than the art itself. Comics are meant to be a powerful visual experience. Your readers are seeing everything that came into your mind as you wrote this, drew it, colored it, lettered it... it has to be an experience worth discussing and purchasing again, otherwise you will drown.

astro page

Regarding the writing from Rob and Kenneth, there are two stories being told within this comic. We can see the shift happen, as two different events are taking place. One being the main character, Leslie Dent (who is a member of the Federal Marshal service) is on the hunt for another woman- an order given to her to bring her in. The other story is a father daughter team that are trying to break the oppressive stranglehold the government has on the planet by supplying water freely to those without it. The two crossover at the end of the issue, clearly opening the path of the story for a conspiracy within the government. Individual character development of Leslie and the father, daughter team we saw in the issue is on the horizon as well. I think that in time, this series can be something truly special through focusing on the individual characters while progressing the story. It is clear that Rob and Kenneth combed over the script several times and worked well together. Any series improves in time as writers get to know their characters better and hone in their style. This team shows potential and I look forward to the future of this series.

Astropunk will be making its offical debut at Hampton Comic Con in Hampton Virginia on October 15th, 2016. Shortly after that, print copies will be available along with digital on ComiXology

Creator bios (click on the name to go to their websites) 

Rob Farinholt: A lifelong resident of coastal Virginia, Rob is a husband and father of two. When he is not fighting blazing infernos or saving people from the gaping maw of death, he is an aspiring writer of sci-fi, fantasy, noir, and every other genre known to man. He and his main antagonist, Ken, are embarking on their first effort at a publisher work: Astropunk

Ken Centers: Raised by a herd of nomadic North American Rhinos, Ken spent his early days stamping out fires, hating on Wolverine, and spoiling things for people. Now he resides in South Eastern Virginia where he is raising the next generation of North American Rhino with his wife, a Panda. He spends most days peddling fermented grapes, antagonizing people on the Internet, and still hating on Wolverine.

Paul Gori: Penciler and Inker for Astropunk, Paul resides with his wife and three sons in Riverside, California. His art has been published in two works High Strangeness and Super-Secret Sidesplitting War, both of which can be found in the anthology Send In the Clowns by. He is Co-Creator, Penciler, and Inker on OathBound (written by Kevin Cuffe) as well The Emergents (Written by Anthony Davis), and Psycho Path (Written by Stefani Mannard), all of which are currently in production.

Shawn M. Greenleaf: A freelance creative from Seattle, WA, with a serious addiction to the creative process. He specializes in developmental editing, graphic/layout design, and comic book editing & lettering. He's the letterer for Astropunk, editor for the horror comic Escape From Jesus Island, the web comic Mutant Babies, and Oathbound, and both editor & letterer for the grindhouse mini-series The Infernal Pact. When not hassling artists, writers, and letterers with his relentless edit notes, he's usually working on some other creative endeavor. When not working, he can usually be found playing games (board, card, or RPG) with his friends. Because that's just the kind of geek he is.

Hector Rubilar: 28 year old native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Hector has been a fan of both comics and manga since he was a child. He started working on his own comics at a young age, hoping to one day find work as a line artist. As he went through this creative process he soon realized he much preferred his characters in color, and so, taking inspiration from other great colorist, he began fleshing out his vision. Since then he has worked with artists such as Neal Addams, Rob Liefeld, Todd Nauck, Dave Ryan, and Nuno Teixeira.



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