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Gleeview - Born This Way

Written by Erik Galston on Wednesday, April 27 2011 and posted in Reviews

Erik Galston reviews the latest episode of Glee - "Born This Way"

After last week's dud of an episode, Glee aired a super sized episode tonight. Focusing on how the characters saw themselves, and others. The episode was great, if not one of the best so far this season.

The episode started with the club practicing for Nationals, when Finn trips Rachel and she breaks her nose. Rachel after going to the doctor contemplates getting a nose job. When she brings it up to the glee club, Santana points out that they all have things they'd like to change about themselves. While talking to Ms. Pillsbury, Will decides to make the assignment for the week, singing about insecurities and making shirts with them on it, culminating in a performance of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

Rachel takes Quinn to the doctor with her, as she wants Quinn's nose. This culminates in them singing together a mash up of "I Feel Pretty" and TLC's "Unpretty."

Santana and Lauren decide that they both deserve to be Prom Queen. The girls go about it differently, Lauren decides its a good idea to find out anything she can negatively about Quinn, whereas Santana decides she needs to get Kurt back to the Glee Club.

Confronting Karofsky, Santana basically black mails him into apologizing to the glee club, and to Kurt. In a heated exchange in the principal's office, Burt Hummel doesn't believe a word David or his father said. But after Kurt and Karofsky talk, Kurt comes back to McKinley.

After Kurt's transfer is complete, the Warblers come to McKinley to say goodbye to him. The group performs Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know." Afterwards Kurt performs "As If We Never Said Goodbye," from Sunset Boulevard.

After Rachel tells the group that she's going through with the nose job, Puck tells her to give her one hour, which turns out to be the group doing a dance number to Duck Sauce's "Barbara Streisand."

The following day at school, Lauren tells Quinn about what she dug up on her. When Quinn was younger she was fat, had a bad nose and went by her first name Lucy. Quinn didn't like how she was so she lost weight, and when her father transferred to Lima, she got a nose job, and asked to be called Quinn (her middle name). Lauren tells Quinn she's already made it public, and Quinn is devastated. The next day, Quinn finds out that all her worrying was for nothing, as the majority of people at McKinley like her more because of her "journey."

Ms. Pillsbury goes to a therapist to get a handle on her OCD. Emma fought the therapy at first, but then agrees to stick with the therapy.

The following day, Brittany brings Santana a shirt to wear during the "Born This Way" performance, that said Lebanese. Santana at first refuses to wear the shirt, or really allow Brittany in her life after Brittany refused her. Brittany on the other hand tells her she's the bravest person she knows, and that she should wear the shirt and dance with her.

During the performance the club all wear the following shirts- Mike: Can't Sing, Finn: Can't Dance, Quinn: Lucy Caboosey, Brittany: I'm with Stupid (arrow pointing up), Puck: I'm with Stupid (arrow pointing down), Sam: Trouty Mouth, Kurt: I like boys, Rachel: Nose, Tina: Brown Eyes, Mercedes: No Weave. Emma shows will her shirt that says OCD.

Santana doesn't end up performing with the group, but in the audience she's shown with Karofsky, and she's wearing the shirt Brittany made for her.

This episode was great on many levels. Sure some people will say its preaching and doesn't have a good message. But really if one really thinks about the "message" it was about acceptance of EVERYONE.

Santana is quickly becoming the best character on the show. She's one of the few characters who has had constant character development this season. Naya Rivera's portrayal of the character is great.

Tonight's song selection was great. I really liked the Warbler's "Somewhere Only we Know." I will admit i almost teared up during the song. The mash up Quinn and Rachel sang was probably the best mash up the show has done (in my mind). The Glee version of "Born This Way" is leaps and bounds better than Lady Gaga's version of the song.

What most people are probably gonna be divided on is Kurt coming back to the school. I think they handled it well, Burt being concerned was believable, and I really liked how Kurt dealt with Karofsky when they talked.

This episode, while some could say was "preachy" was one of the best episodes the show has had all season, and I really wish they had come back from the hiatus with this episode instead of last weeks episode.

Written or Contributed by: Erik Galston

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