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Justice League/Power Rangers #1

Written by Writrzblok on Wednesday, January 11 2017 and posted in Reviews

Justice League/Power Rangers #1

A bright, fun, and colorful clash of champions with a pace that could leave The Flash in the dust.

Source: DC Comics

Justice League/Power Rangers #1

Written by Tom Taylor

Art and Colors by Stephen Byrne

Letters by Deron Bennet

The Power Rangers (Trini, Kimberly, Tommy, Jason, Billy, and Zack) are summoned by their mentor and leader Zordon to their secret command center. Alpha 5, Zordon's robot assistant has gone missing and when Zack finds the robot damaged, he brings it back, only for Zordon and Zack to realize too late that it was a trap and an explosion lets in the villainous Lord Zedd. In attempting to teleport Zedd away, Zack inadvertently transports into the dimension of a Dark Knight, a Man of Steel, and The Fastest Man Alive.

In the long-bygone days of dial-up, crossovers of this magnitude were unthinkable except on fan-fiction websites. We live in a time now where media properties that usually wouldn't crossover are slamming into each other with alarming regularity.  It's especially abundant in comics. Nowadays, over at IDW, their Revolution series ties together the Hasbro toy lines in an epic multi-issue extravaganza. DC and IDW have at least three crossovers involving Star Trek; two of them with Green Lantern as well as Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With our current subject, Justice League/Power Rangers, the trend shows no signs of slowing. What a time to be alive.

First, I'd like to commend the artist Stephen Byrne on his stellar artwork. The expressions were very nicely filled, showing the right emotions at the right time. The action scenes flowed smoothly with the brisk pace of the story, which I'll address later. A minor continuity snarl with regards to morphing is made up for with dazzling mid-transformation artwork.

Tom Taylor takes what should sound like complete fan-fiction and makes it fun and fast-paced. From the first explosion, it hits the gas pedal and keeps going into a cliffhanger that must be seen to be believed. While I wouldn't quite call it a good stepping on point for new readers, chances are if you're a fan of either the Justice League of Powers Rangers (which I happen to be) you'll find something to enjoy. I also enjoy that while the first person that Zack encounters is Batman, (because of course) they give a reason for why their scuffle ends the way it did, set up from the beginning of the issue. When the rest of the team join the fracas, that's when Batman calls in for assistance.

The issue focuses on Zack, the Black Ranger, who jumps dimensions by accident, trying to stop Lord Zedd. From an oddly placed flash forward at the very beginning, featuring Superman, it seemed to already hammer into place Zack's mentality and sense of guilt. He knows he's part of a team, but he also carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. The flash forward felt a little out of place and blatantly said what the rest of the issue took the time to flesh out.

It's silly, colorful fun so far and I'm hoping Taylor, Byrne and company can keep up the excitement, but also give the story itself time to breathe. It's a break-neck paced first issue, but worth checking out if you're a fan of either Justice League or Power Rangers.

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