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Power Rangers #14: Tales of War

Written by Tyler Kes on Wednesday, April 26 2017 and posted in Reviews

Power Rangers #14: Tales of War

Power Rangers, dark and gritty. Just like you like them!

Source: Boom Studios

Written by Kyle Higgins
Drawn by Hendry Praseyta
Colors by Matt Herms
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

I finally got around to seeing the new Power Rangers movie. In short, I liked it. I thought it was a lot of fun. I only bring it up because I think it did a better job of making the Rangers feel like real people and less like the mildly two-dimensional characters they've been in 14 issues of the Boom! series. There are exceptions, of course; Billy and Tommy are the ones who have been the focus of this arc, which is building off of character work writer Kyle Higgins has been composing since the beginning of the series, but I don't really feel like I have a handle on all of the Rangers, beyond he's the leader, she's the tech girl, he's the best friend, etc.

Which is all pretty true to the original series, but the movie has shown us we can have it better. As far as this specific issue goes, it's more of the same. The Rangers left in our universe are fighting Rita's forces, which now includes an army of souped up Goldars, while Billy and Tommy are trying to help the alternate-universe's resistance forces fight a hopeless battle. There are some nice parallels between the two battles, which makes up the bulk of the issue, but at this point it feels like both of these respective battles have been going on for my entire life, although the cliffhanger makes it seem like we might finally be on to the next act. I was a little confused at one point, as Trini mentions that they need to steal Billy's power coin from Rita to summon their Zords, yet they do just fine a couple of pages later without ever grabbing the coin.

As usual, Hendry Prasetya does a nice job depicting the destruction and chaos of large scale battles involving large robotic animals, but struggles to convey human emotion, undercutting some of the character beats that permeate the story. It would be nice if the series had an artist who could do both, but it's fine since this issue is mostly battle and destruction.

The series feels like it's spinning its wheels a bit. If you've been on the fence about dropping this series, then this issue isn't going to convince you stay. If you're thinking about picking it up, I'd wait and grab it once the next arc starts.

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