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Room With a Review: Mega Man #1

Written by 365Dom on Thursday, May 12 2011 and posted in Reviews

Do you remember playing the many Mega Man video games, but can't remember what the point of the games was? Mega Man #1 attempts to help you recall a bit of the adventure while adding new all-ages details.

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

Mega Man #1 - "Let the Games Begin!" part 1

Writer: Ian Flynn
Penciler: Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante

Publisher: Archie Comics
Released: 5/11/2011

$2.99 for 22pgs


What is Nintendo without Mega Man? Well, I guess they had a few other games...but still. Mega Man is an extremely popular game with sequels still being released that now number into the 10th addition! For me, it was all about Mega Man 2. Mega Man 2 had all of my favorite Robot Masters such as Metal Man, which you beat first so that you can take out a bunch of Masters including Wood Man super quickly. Next you use Wood Man's leafs on Air Man who (when defeated) equipped Mega Man with 3 tornadoes that shot upward so you could take out Quick Man...ah the memories. (Click for a fun video reminding you of the order to beat the Mega Man 2 Robot Masters.)

Cultures that often cross seem to be that of the video gamers and comic book readers: they both invest in fantastical ideas that often include robots and both involve being alone way too often. In Japan, Mega Man comics and magna have been produced for years (since the 1980"s). There have been some limited releases in North America, but not until Archie Comics released Mega Man #1 had Mega Man been able to reach such a large North American market, and more

As I started to read Mega Man #1 I couldn't help but notice the story of Doctor Light seemed to have many similarities to that of Tony Stark. Like Stark, Dr. Light used to create weapons and even gained his large amounts of resources due to his weapon creations. Light then (like Stark) sees the...light...and decides he only wants to create for good, so he builds robots which will help mankind. Stark's Iron Man suit is basically a robot, and has even done things (on its own) with it's own artificial intelligence. Basically, Doctor Light is a variation of Tony Stark.

Doctor Light is basically Tony Stark

Doctor Wily, on the other hand, is much like Obadiah Stane. Like Stane, Wily was an associate of Stark's (Howard Stark...Tony Stark's father) and stole his robotic-like technology for evil purposes and the pursuit of power.

The issue sets up the Mega Man battles and adventures that will take place by letting the readers see how Wily betrayed his once partner, Doctor Light, and why Rock, Doc Light's robot boy creation, stands-up and says he'll put an end to the Robot Masters Wily has set-loose on the world. Oh, and the comic explains why Rock's name is Rock, and why he chooses the name "Mega Man." The most important part of the book!

Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante does a wonderful job on art duties. He brings the world of Mega Man to life by capturing that cartoony, magna-esk style which defined the character over the years. Spaziante's bubbly imagery gives Mega Man #1 that "all-ages" tone which parents will have no problem noticing, at a glance, is ok for their children to read.

Mega Man #1 is a nice story for a child 8 to 13 years old. It is definitely not a book geared towards an older reader. The writing is paced for a child to take in and it does not include much in the way of content for an adult to be continuously interested in; however, with that said, Mega Man #1 did bring back some old memories that helped define an entertaining childhood for me. I'm glad I grabbed the first issue, but I most likely will not continue on. Mega Man has its place as a nice memory from my past, and that's where I am content leaving my past.

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Review by: Dom G

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