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Review: Deadpool: Bad Blood GN

Written by GLX on Wednesday, May 24 2017 and posted in Reviews

Review: Deadpool: Bad Blood GN

Rob Liefeld! Deadpool! GLX! Review!

Publisher - Marvel Comics

Plot/Pencils - Rob Liefeld

Script - Chris Sims and Chad Bowers

Inkers - Rob Liefeld, Shelby Robertson, Adelso Corona, and Marat Mychaels

Color Artist - Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letterer - VC's Joe Sabino


Rob Liefeld is one of those comic creators that fans have strong feelings about. There are those that see his work as a blight on the medium, others who see him as an undervalued genius, and those who fall somewhere in the middle. Regardless of how people view Liefeld as a creator, there's no denying that Deadpool is his most-popular co-creation. He revisits the character with Deadpool: Bad Blood; a graphic novel that sees the merc with a mouth deal with the mysterious, and deadly Thumper. As a whole, Deadpool: Bad Blood isn't a bad work. It's also not a good one.

Liefeld' style is out in full force. Whether or not that's a bad thing can be based on taste. What I do know is that there are oddly exaggerated bodies, and unorthodox layouts within the pages. Does it work out well? In some moments, it does just based on the fact that most artists rarely make the stylistic choices that Liefeld does. At other times, Liefeld's decisions just seem weird. There's one scene in which a character has shot someone from a standing position. In the following panel, they shoot again from the same position, but the action is positioned at a downward angle. One flashback has a key character go through slight changes in their outfit multiple times without reason.

Shelby Robertson, Adelso Corona, and Marat Mychaels join Liefeld on inks. While there are noticeable differences in the way the pages are inked, it's not enough to greatly hamper the art itself. That's due to the style of Liefeld's art, but also to Romulo Fajardo Jr's colors. His involvement helps to keep the art feeling consistent throughout. While some scenes could have used different lighting choices, Fajardo Jr. turns in a decent job.

The plot is action-packed with some attempts to hook the story into emotional depth. Scenes move at a kinetic pace without being too fast or too slow. Chris Sims and Chad Bowers do an admirable job of keeping the dialogue engaging without feeling detached from what's in the pages. What hurts the overall narrative is that it's shallow, and the action isn't compelling enough to make up for it. There are scenes that try to give the action emotional stakes, but they feel like scratches on the surface. Some of that can be attributed to the art, but the blame also falls on the handling of the characters.

Joe Sabino's lettering is the highlight of the graphic novel. Captions, word balloons, and sound effects are handled with care, even when the action on the page gets crazy. He effectively captures things like the distress in a character's voice, and the sound of a gun going empty mid-battle. There are plenty of moments in the comic where the art, and the lettering have a lot of room to breathe. When Liefeld slips up in spots to provide breathing room for the lettering, Sabine still makes it work.

The flaws in Deadpool: Bad Blood keep it from being a solid read. Even if it did include a digital copy with the physical release, it'd be hard to justify a purchase for those that are not hardcore Liefeld fans. Those who happen to check it out at a local library might be surprised at its quality. Just keep those expectations tempered.


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