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Castlevania (Netflix): Review

Written by Zechs on Saturday, July 08 2017 and posted in Reviews

Castlevania (Netflix): Review

Has a lot of bite, but sadly leaves you thirsting for more.

Well, this is different. To talk about an actual TV series than a movie. An exception has to be made when it come's to Castlevania. I grew up on the old NES games. So the shadow of this franchise has always been fresh in my mind whenever I have that old itch of something difficult, yet fun to scratch.

So enter this TV series on Netflix. It's a curious property that really only been ever adapted once (and that shall be the only mention of a certain "Captain N" and I shall leave it be), and to finally see an actual adaptation is kind of amazing. Given well, Konami, the company that birthed the franchise all those years ago kind of shit the bed with it all I dunno three, four years? It's been too long since we've seen a Castlevania game from them. To see this? I'm wondering what's the catch.

Then it hits me that basically this first season is only really four episodes and there it is. There's not much meat on them bones. The meat on them bones is mighty tasty.  Suffice to say, the opening really grabs you given you're expecting one thing and you get another. Then you get the actual thing and well-- it's somewhat predictable. The story we get is basically the whole plot of Castlevania 3 (the NES game) basically. 

 Of all the Castlevania games, 3 gave a damn good reason why Dracula (Graham McTavish, dude's everywhere these days it seems) has a mad on hate humanity. Oh, it's a good reason, but you just kind of want to see more of that reason, before well we get the quick end result.  That's not to say what come's after is bad or anything. I loved watching reluctant protagonist Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage) get into this mess.

Hopefully, with the newly announced second season (which will have more episodes) can expand on this. Cause damn I want to see more of this Dracula that we saw at the beginning. Oh sure, the Dracula that becomes the villain of the series is good and all too (also another element I kind of hope to see. How he amassed so much a damn army in a year. Can he make a deal with Death? Come on showrunners. You can't have a Castlevania without some Death).

Still, the overall plot for the season is good enough. Along with the "twist" at the season finale. The action is very good and very much needed. In this Western world were animated action is a dying breed. This series is much needed. And boy does it provide some great action (besides the obvious season finale battle which is sweet to behold). It just feels a bit by the numbers. Save at the beginning. 

Still, I can't help but think of this series and be reminded that the mind writing this all in Warren Ellis brought one of the grittiest versions of G.I. Joe (and if you haven't ever seen G.I. Joe: Resolute. What the hell? Go see it man). This feels more phoned in than anything. Everything feels more rushed here than there. So I just wonder if we're only getting the cliffnotes.

One other tiny problem (and it's a tiny one at that). It's just the music. This is Castlevania and well, the score for the show is kind of meh. With such a rich well of music you'd think there be more of that used here. It isn't really, which is kind of disheartening when the music is just-- alright. 

But compare that with the real problem is that this season is so damn small. It's only four episodes, and by the end, it left me stunned how quickly I ran through it all. Like I said. The meat is thin. What you get is appetizing. Just not much else on that bone. But with a second season announced (and if the staff behind this first season continues on). well, I can't wait to see what we get next. Other than of course the minds behind this are evil bastards who knew going in that they were going for half a season. But what a half of a season. 


3 out of 5


Then again, to those hungering for more. Well, there are two simple answers how to quench that hunger. Dust off the NES or PS1 (or buy one of said games on the PSN) and play these two games:




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