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Comics Fight (iPhone/ iPod Touch) Review

Written by GLX on Saturday, May 14 2011 and posted in Reviews

GLX explains why you should avoid Comics Fight at all costs.

Publisher/ Developer: Twinreality

There are a variety of reasons why certain games are poor in quality. Some games are poor, due to budget constraints; while others suffer from poorly executed ideas. Then, there are a select breed of games that go out of their way to be horrible. Comics Fight is one of those games.

In 2008, crime was rampant in Papertown. The police were at war with the town's criminal underworld. Jason "Handsome" Richards decided to follow in his brothers' footsteps and join the police force. The day before his final exam at the police academy, his brother, Justin, was killed. His bloody uniform was at the scene of the crime. Jason swears vengeance on the killer. Two years have passed and Justin's killer has not been captured. Jason decides to kill every crime boss in time, in the hopes that he'll find the person responsible for his brother's death.

The writing is downright atrocious; the plot lacks anything resembling originality. It's just fails to grab the player in, despite the amount of information given for each crime boss. I don't care that G-Man calls himself the "Papertown Bank King". The in-game dialogue is lacking. When a character successfully blocks an attack, they use taunts such as, "Muff", "Blind", and "Mishit". The game's plot "twist" is not really shocking and the game's attempt at drama falls flat. What could've improved the writing is if the game developers had a good grasp of the English language. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Comics Fight is a turn-based fighting game. The player must first choose one of three body sections to defend. Then, they must choose one of three body parts to attack. The outcome is based on chance and not skill. There are no upgrades and no changes in combat. Just go into combat and hope for a victory.  Another that I must add is that the crime bosses vary in what weapons they use, though none of these differences affect the gameplay. That means that Jason "the gun-carrying cop" can lose to a Pinky "the teenage cheerleader that fights with nunchucks".

The game's art design looks like it was drawn by an amateur artist. Sure, the graphics can clearly display the characters, but it lacks style and dynamic action. The characters do two things - stand and attack. Since characters can attack three different sections of the body, I'd think that developers would use different character animations to show that they were attacking a specific section of the body. Instead, the characters one specific animation that is tailored to them. When a character successfully blocks an attack, they don't block on-screen. Instead, they just taunt their opponent. I'd go as far to say that the graphics are reminiscent of old Tiger Electronics handheld games. The characters do show signs of gradual damage, but the only difference is that the character's figures look slightly torn. Jason's gun looks like it's shooting electricity when he attacks, instead of actually firing a bullet. One thing that I can give credit to the developers it that they added some "comic-style" sound effects. That's the only thing that makes it "Comics Fight". Considering the game's content, a name such as "Crime Fight" would've been more appropriate.

The game's sound design is horrible. There are no sound effects. Instead, the game just plays music. To be blunt, it's repetitive and just not pleasant to the ears. There's an option to listen to songs that are stored within the iDevice, but there's no option to create a playlist. The game just plays random songs, from the iDevice's collection. There have been times that I wanted to switch the audio options, while I was in combat; however, I was unable to. Why? Because the developers forgot to add a pause button. Let me repeat. The developers forgot to add a pause button. This is a game that was made in the year 2011. There is no excuse for a game to lack a pause button.

In every conceivable way, Comics Fight is a failure. There are beta versions of games that show more polish than this game. For a moment, I thought this game's score would be too harsh. Then, I played it again. Simply put, this game is an abomination and should be avoided at costs.

0* out of 10*

Written or Contributed by: GLX

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