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Review: Clue TPB

Written by GLX on Wednesday, May 30 2018 and posted in Reviews

Review: Clue TPB The Outhouse...with a review of the trade paperback collection of Clue.

Publisher - IDW Publishing

Writer - Paul Allor

Artist - Nelson Daniel

Letterers - Neil Uyetake and Gilberto Lazcano


I never played Clue as a kid. Parts of the game were known to me, but not through actively playing it. With the comic adaptation of the classic board game, I was not sure what to expect. It could be bad; it could just be okay. What I found was more than that.

The core of what makes Paul Allor's writing so entertaining is how the story unfolds. Everything flows smoothly for the most part as the narrative jumps from the present to the past, and even beyond the comic itself. There is a fair amount of self-awareness within the script, but that does not mean the thrills within the pages are ineffective. Drama is not sacrificed for cheap gags. Allor makes sure that the secrets to discover about the world of Clue are worth knowing.

That said, one issue with the writing is that not all of the characters are handled equally well. Sometimes, those on the page thrive off each other. Other times, the characters lack a certain punch despite plenty of panel time in the comic. Also, the ending left something to be desired. Without spoiling anything, it was a cool idea that could have been executed better.

Nelson Daniel has a strong, yet subtle showing with the art. While the action moves along at a nice pace, Daniel shines in the details. Little things such as how characters are positioned during a conversation to the ways the narrative visually shifts between time and space make the action that more interesting. All of that is improved by some really smart color choices. Flashbacks are in black and white with the exception of colors that highlight important people or things. Even some of the walls in the interior shots match certain characters' main color of choice.

The lettering by Neil Uyetake and Gilberto Lazcano is good for the most part. There are some subtle differences in how the two handle captions, but the two gel well beyond that. Sound effects and word balloons are placed appropriately in relation to the action. One cool detail that stood out were the case file captions that gave basic information on characters as the first appeared.

Clue turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The comic's strengths outweigh its weaknesses, and helps it to stand out in a crowded market. It is definitely worth a buy for fans of the board game, and a look for everyone else.

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