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Accell Vol. 2: Pop Quiz TPB Review

Written by GLX on Wednesday, August 29 2018 and posted in Reviews

Accell Vol. 2: Pop Quiz TPB Review

Here's GLX's take on the latest Accell collection.

Publisher – Lion Forge

Writer – Joe Casey

Penciller – Damion Scott

Inker – Robert Campanella with Mosh Studios

Colorist – Sigmund Torre with Mosh Studios

Letterer – AW's DC Hopkins



When I originally heard about this series, I expected a good chunk of fun from Joe Casey and Damion Scott. Some of the their previous work stood out to me, even if they were not always widely appreciated. After reading the first volume of Accell, I was left wanting more from it; however, there was potential for something more in the pages. In the second volume, some of that potential is realized.

One of the key bright spots is how Daniel Dos Santos's powers are used in the story. They mix well when used against enemies, and when Daniel is trying to learn more about them. With the former, it leads to some engaging, action scenes; with the latter, it provides more interesting details about Daniel's abilities. Another interesting new addition to the series is Althea Morrison. Her character starts off as a scientist trying to study Daniel, yet she oddly has the potential to be someone more interesting than that.

All of that said, there are still some issues with the writing. A key part of the story is the tension between, Daniel, Monica Hayes, and her father. There are flashes of heart between Daniel and Monica, but nothing deeply moving develops from that. Her father's attitude toward their relationship is over-the-top without ever being compelling. The rest of the villains' personalities do not fare much better.

Scott and company bring a much-needed energy to Accell. Action scenes have a certain spark to them. Personality traits shine in the way Scott depicts key characters through body language, and smartly designed layouts. The colors do a nice job of making the action pop, especially in some of the wilder scenes. There are moments when the art falters in the details. Still, the art in Accell is visually captivating.

The lettering does not try to be flashy, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. AW's DC Hopkins does a nice job of keeping Casey's script in harmony with the art. Even when things get text heavy, the action never gets drowned out. When Hopkins changes things up in key moments, those little touches feel natural in the context of the collection.

Ultimately, this is a small step forward from the previous volume. Some nice plot developments and appealing art delight, but the writing needs an extra boost in terms of character development. Fans that enjoyed the previous volume will like this, but there might not be enough to win over those who have written the series off. With that said, there is room for Accell to grow.

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