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Nightwing Vol. 6: The Untouchable Review

Written by GLX on Thursday, December 06 2018 and posted in Reviews

Nightwing Vol. 6: The Untouchable Review

Untouchable? Not to GLX. Here's his review.

Publisher – DC Comics

Writers – Sam Humphries, Michael Moreci, Jackson Lanzing, and Collin Kelly

Artists – Bernard Chang, Jamal Campbell, Jorge Corona, Minkyu Jung, Klaus Janson, Phil Jimenez, and Matt Santorelli

Colorists – Marcelo Maiolo, Jamal Campbell, Felipe Sobreiro, Mat Lopes, and Alex Sinclair

Letterer – Carlos M. Mangual



"Corruption is the crystallization of the human heart. Can you really fight that?"


Nightwing vol. 6: The Untouchable brings about the introduction of a new villain named The Judge. With a knack for survival, and the ability to manipulate evil in the hearts of others, The Judge looks to alter Blüdhaven – even if it means Nightwing's demise. The battle between Nightwing and The Judge, along with other tales, helps to make this an enjoyable collection.

Sam Humphries does admirable work in mixing what came before in Tim Seeley's run, and his own ideas into the narrative. The action, humor, and character development compliment each other nicely, especially in the present day scenes. Characters like Lucy Weatherton and Guppy serve their own role within the narrative, while still possessing character traits that make them memorable beyond their time on the page. However, the most interesting character in the collection is The Judge. He not only acts as a great counter to Nightwing's personality, but also manages to bring terror and amusement in his antics. There is enough about him to garner both sympathy and fear, which makes him a villain that demands attention.

Humphries is not the only one to have contributed to writing side of things. There are two tales by three other writers. While both tales are not necessarily bad, they do not reach the highs of the main story. With that being said, Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly fare better than Michael Moreci in terms of providing engaging conflict in their respective stories.

Quite a few hands worked on the art for this collection. The change in artistic styles is noticeable, but it is not entirely bad; the bulk of the workload falls on the shoulders of Bernard Chang, Jamal Campbell, and Marcelo Maiolo. Chang and Maiolo's art really shines in terms of layout and mood, while Campbell's art has characters that express themselves in unique and captivating ways. Klaus Janson, Alex Sinclair, Phil Jemenez, and Matt Santorelli give the flashback scenes their own identity without sacrificing artistic quality or cohesion within the context of the larger narrative.

Jorge Corona and Mat Lopes deliver a nice sense of style to their story. The colors by Lopes give each scene its own feel, while Corona gives the action a kinetic energy. Minkyu Jung and Felipe Sobreiro bring the least interesting visuals in the collection, but their output is still solid. There is a nice sense of action and personality in their pages without sacrificing clarity or consistency.

Carlos M. Mangual is the one consistent creator in the collection. Even when the stories change, nothing about the lettering feels out of place. The word balloons, and the captions are cleanly handled. Sound effects compliment the action well, especially in the final story.

Nightwing vol. 6: The Untouchable is an interesting collection. Though not an essential read, there is enough in the pages to entertain. This is worth a look, especially for fans of the previous volumes in the series. Some of what made those volumes compelling is present here, while maintaining an identity of its own.

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