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Zatanna #14 Review

TheGeek dissects another Zatanna done-in-one!

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Zatanna #14 Zatanna's struggle against Brother Night forces the Maid of Magic to reach into the darkest places for a mystic edge in battle. But now that she's fighting as dirty as Night, will Zatanna's own soul be lost in the process? Written by ADAM BEECHEN Art by JAMAL IGLE, TRAVIS MOORE, JON SIBAL, and JOHN DELL Cover by ADAM HUGHES 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+


Amazing how much (and how litte) a filler issue can do.

It's disappointing that all the pent-up tension and excitement practically boiling over last issue fizzled fast with Zatanna #14. It's not that bad, really. It's got Zachary Zatara acting like a douchebag while Zatanna lectures him on the importance of keeping the magician's kayfabe. With a special guest appearance by a yuki-onna!

Writer Adam Beechen at least tries to deliver a decent done-in-one, giving us a glimpse of Zachary and Zatanna's family dynamic. Unfortunately, it's all dialed up to 11, making everything seem forced and unnatural. I don't remember Zachary acting particulary dickish in the earlier issues. A bit full of himself, yes, but not so dickish.

In this ish, Beechen gives Zee a sparring partner in the form of a yuki-onna. Described as a Japanese succubus, the yuki-onna is formidable enough to go toe-to-toe with Zatanna here. It would have been cool if the yuki-onna could have been closer to her snowy Japanese roots, since they pop up a lot in stories, manga and anime. This could have been Beechen's chance to give us a cool interpretation of the legend, instead of a generic man-hunting monstress.

If anything saves this book, it's the art. Jamal Igle and Travis Moore tag team this book, and I'm glad that both artists mesh together well. It's all detailed, dynamic, not to mention they draw some pretty beautiful women, Zatanna included.

Harsh? Nitpicky? Probably. I welcome done-in-one stories with open arms (since I've been clamoring for a return to single-issue adventures for a while now), and this issue is a good enough read. It's just unfortunate timing for an adventure like this to come out after Zatanna #13's startling revelations. As a standalone issue, Zatanna #14 works, and that's praise enough from me.

Review by: TheGeek

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