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The Spinrack: Retro Reviews #22

Written by GLX on Friday, July 01 2011 and posted in Reviews

GLX takes a look at Camelot 3000 #1, Flash #201 and Hero #5.

Camelot 3000 #1 (1982)

In the year 3000, aliens have invaded Earth. Thankfully, King Arthur is alive again! Mike W Barr's story is competent, but nothing spectacular. It fails to excite on a basic level; however, Brian Bolland lends his pencils to the comic. While it's not as striking as his later work, Bolland's pencils are the highlight of the comic. Bruce Patterson and Tatjana Wood's work adds to Bolland's pencils.

6* out of 10*

Flash #201 (1970)

This comic contains two tales. First, The Flash (Barry Allen) deals with Pablo Hernandez; a teen who blames his paralyzed legs on the Flash! In the second tale, the Flash (Jay Garrick) takes wife to a rock festival; unfortunately for them, the Fiddler is out to cause trouble. Both stories feature writing by Robert Kanigher, which share some campy writing. What the second tale has over the first is charm. Is it hard to like a tale that features Turtle Man and a fiddle-shaped car? Nope. Irv Novick and Murphy Anderson deliver some art that's got the basics down, but no sense of artistic flair.

6* out of 10*

Hero #5 (2003)

Matt Allen is a successful employee at Edutech, but he has a secret. With the help of a mysterious device, he becomes a superhero. Unfortunately for him, his adventures are ruining his life. I've been fascinated with the "Dial H for Hero" device, since I originally read this series. A typical comic might have Matt as either a guy with powers that's just trying to do the right thing or a "zero to hero". Pfeifer takes a different approach and has Matt addicted to the super-powered life. It's a sad tale, but one that rings true. Kano delivers some nice layouts and expressive characters. I can imagine that some might not be keen to his color palette, but it compliments the story.

8* out of 10*

Written or Contributed by: GLX

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