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Green Lantern #67 Review

Written by zombielovepony on Friday, July 15 2011 and posted in Reviews

ZombieLovePony returns with a review of the finale of "War of the Green Lanterns!"

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

Written by GEOFF JOHNS;
Variant cover by SCOTT CLARK and DAVID BEATY

The blockbuster "War of the Green Lanterns" comes to a universe-shattering conclusion! How will Krona's rampage ultimately affect the Green Lantern Corps? All we can say is it will change EVERYTHING!


"The pages of this book are filled with tales of the people inside it. Whatever's on the page is what happened. Or what will happen. All you have to do is draw it." - Hal Jordan

In 2004, Geoff Johns brought Hal Jordan back to life. Now, 7 years later, his ongoing story finishes in Green Lantern #67. Concluding the multi-part crossover story, "War of the Green Lanterns," Johns sets out to find how to ultimately complete the continuing story he has crafted over the years, much of which has been at the heart of the DC Universe. What the reader comes to see is a brand new status quo for the Green Lantern reboot story, and a satisfying conclusion of the first volume of Geoff Johns' space epic.

What is first so striking about this book is that Johns' writing style is so unique. Being the Chief Creative Officer at DC allows him to understand every character within the DC Universe with immense recall. His portrayal of the characters always feels natural, and while many of them are his brain children, he finds a unique voice for every character on the page, regardless of their overall importance to the story. This isn't to say that other writers aren't capable of this, but Johns really has a way with making every character seem real, especially in a setting as expansive as the DCU.

This is why he is so effective at writing the Green Lantern; and this is why the book has flourished so tremendously during his tenure while writing the character. The final issue encapsulates all of what made the series such a thrill to follow, with a reveal that takes the reader off guard, and also some interesting allusions to personifications of characters yet to be seen in the series. There are a lot of questions that are answered, and many plotlines are resolved, but conversely, some new ones are hinted at, which makes the reader simply wish the story immediately continues after flipping the final page. Also, another great aspect of the comic is that while it does throw many twists and unexpected revelations, they all feel completely natural, and not presented solely for shock value. Every surprise is prefaced with logical character motivation and built upon previous events in the storyline.

Doug Mahnke also excels in this book, bringing brilliant visuals to this action packed issue. The first few pages of the book do not carry dialogue, and thus the story is told solely through Mahnke's spectacular art, which aids in building the immense tension between the warring cosmic allegiances. Characters expressions are lifelike and organic, even the alien, non-human characters convey emotion that is relatable and easily deciphered.

The only issue this book seems to suffer from is the fact that it seems a bit too anxious to imitate the look of the Green Lantern film. While it is understandable that those who have seen the movie, may also wish to begin reading the series of which it was based upon, it seems unlikely that the new reader would be too jarred in seeing the traditional, long-withstanding Green Lantern outfit, rather than the organic-esque suit portrayed in the film. It's a minor nitpick, but it does scream pandering, which can be sincerely insulting to the reader.

The story of Green Lantern carries on in the September reboot, although many elements will be different, following the shake up and aftermath of this issue. Though, with Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke reprising the creative make-up of the book come Fall, it's safe to say that the Emerald Knights will continue to fight, in brightest day, and in blackest night.

Score: 9 out of 10

Review by: ZombieLovePony

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