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G.I. Joe: Cobra #3

Tomax is behind bars, but for how long?

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

Writer: Mike Costa
Artist: Antonio Fuso


With IDW's current relaunch of the G.I. Joe titles, they are all covering the "Cobra Civil War" crossover.  Cobra Commander is dead, and the ranks of Cobra's elite are competing to become the next Commander of Cobra.  Each issue focuses on a main character, and the events they go through.  G.I. Joe: Cobra #3 focuses on Tomax.

In captivity after a failed attempt on General Hawk's life, Tomax escapes from prison by manipulating the system.  First he gets tranferred to solitary, followed by making himself ill to get moved to the infirmary.  From there it's easy for Tomax to takes some lives, don a disguise, and sneak out of the minimum-security area.  We learn that Tomax's company, Extensive Enterprises, has many shell companies, one of which built the prison's security system and enabled his escape.  At the end of the story, readers are left to wonder if the Cobra mole in G.I. Joe is about to be revealed.

The writing in this issue was good.  Mike Costa put some thought into the details and it showed in his script.  The story works on it's own, but is even better if you read the whole Cobra Civil War crossover.  I'm enjoying IDW's relaunch since Cobra Commander's death.

Antonio Fuso's art is decent, and his storytelling is good too, but his style isn't what I'm normally attracted to.  There were no points in this story where Fuso's skills were 'tested', so he had it easy with this issue.

GRADE: 7 of 10

Review by: Comic_Doctor

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