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Starlord: Top to Bottom for 7/27/11

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, August 01 2011 and posted in Reviews
detective880aHello guys and gals! It's the self titled Queen of the Outhouse back again with a new review article. This time around I've added a bit of a twist. Not only will I be grading the seven books I read but I will also be listing them in order of enjoyment. Why? Because I wanted to.

So sit back, enjoy, and remember, never get too close to GEHRU... he bites.

1. Detective Comics #880detective880

There is nothing wrong with this book at all. When a writer, an artist, and a story all come together flawlessly it makes a comic fanboy cum in his pants, and this book is a perfect example. The creepiness that I grew up on in 'Tec is here with a modern day vengeance. When Gordon finds out that Joker has escaped he calls his ex-wife to warn her. It's too late though and James finds her in the shower pumped full of Joker Juice. The search for Joker is on and it doesn't take long for Batman to find him; however, it wasn't Joker that assaulted Babs Sr., it was... Nah that would be telling. The art here is perfect, but if you call yourself Jock, I'm going to love ya anyway. This issue is a perfect example of what a great book can be and is why it tops my list this week. My Score: A

2. X-Men: Schism #2 of 5xmneschism2
Sentinels, Hellfire Club, Quentin Quire and Kade Kilgore. Take those ingredients, stir them together with a huge sense of foreboding to the future of mutants and you've got the making of a pretty good chapter in Marvel's Mutant Sagas. Part 2 is still build up but Aaron keeps you interested to the very last page. Cho's work is fine but his Scott Summers reminds me of my 62 year old uncle who is on dialysis. Second best of the bunch. My Score: B+

3. DC Retroactive: Green Lantern The '70'sdcretro-gl70s-1
Sit back, relax and let Dennis O'Neil and Mike Grell show you young punks how a book should be written and drawn! Sure the story feels a little dated at first glance but the messages that both writer and artist are still relevant today. This book is worth having though if you are a fan of Mike Grell's work, especially on Green Arrow since it seems that two thirds of the story centers on him and Black Canary. The backup is exactly what I would have expected them to put in; the story that began such a successful run. I do recommend this book for anyone who loved the GL/GA of the seventies or for anyone who wants to know what it felt like to read these books when they seemed to actually mean something a little more... significant. My Score: B+

4. Secret Avengers #15secretavengers15
I liked this comic much more than I thought I would. Since it centered around Black Widow I figured this was going to be a chick flick type of story and for the most part I was right. Still it did give the reader a bit of an insight on how regular folk view death of their own as well as the "death" of a superhero. The only problem with this book is that there were too many boobies. Really guys, men can have deep penetrating conversations with each other too. More fighting, less boobs. Good book. My Score: B-

5. DC Retroactive: Justice League of America The 1970'sdcretro-jla70s-1
I'd have a lot more to say about this book but typing the damn title has exhausted me! Good issue. Fun. Nice appearance of Julius Schwartz I guess. Love the lineup and still miss it thirty years later, but I think Cary Bates could have gone in a different direction than the hokey stories of Earth Prime. Let's face it, there's only been one cool thing to ever come out of that Earth and that is Superboy Prime! The greatest Superboy EVER!!!! Who's with me on that?! Anyone?! Anyone?! Where'd everyone go? Hey come back, I've still got a few more to go before we reach my bottom?! The backup was, sadly, the first part of a two part story which makes no sense to me to put in there if we can't read the second half (or at least for those who have never read it before I guess.) My Score: C

6. Secret Warriors #28secretwarriors28
Jonathan Hickman is an acquired taste; of which I lack the buds for I suppose. Still I have given this series a chance and in the end I found that I didn't really enjoy it very much. That being said, this issue was actually fine for the finale. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize it is probably my favorite issue out of the whole series. My Score: C-

7. Teen Titans #98teentitans98
And so we come to the very bottom of the list. Don't get me wrong, there were books this week that I enjoyed a lot less, but I choose seven books randomly to list and this one landed at the back of the stack. I like Superboy Prime and I like my Teen Titans, and I had high hopes for this book once Mr. Krul was assigned to it, but I have to say that I've yet to be thrilled with any story and this issue shows quite a few of the flaws that are still apparent in the title. Superboy and Wonder Girl's break-up was handled very poorly with the Ravager moment making Superboy come off as the borderline cad that he used to be. Superboy Prime was not over the top enough in my opinion. This is a character that really has become a parody of itself and I think playing him that way at this point works a whole lot better. My Score: C-

So that's how it works. Next week the seven books I review will be randomly picked by my youngest son, Jared! Until next week: Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

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