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Starlord: Top to Bottom 8/10/11

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, August 15 2011 and posted in Reviews
redrobin26aHere we are again folks! Another week another whiff of comic paper and greasy pizza.

I have no idea what that means but it's my opening this week.

Red Robin #26redrobin26
My top pick out of this week's seven, is not an A book but is really the best out of this group. Saying goodbye is hard to do and Fabian Nicieza and Marcus To have made it very hard to say goodbye to this series. In this final issue Fabian makes it very clear to both Bruce Wayne and readers alike that Tim Drake has changed. He has matured and become his own man. The question remains to be seen if Tim has chosen the right path. The only negative to this story is that it seemed to come out of nowhere since Tim had not even been brooding about his father's death for a while. Still I think this was the story Fabian and team had been telling all along; they just to wrap it up too quickly. My Score: B+

Booster Gold #47boostergold47
Good solid issue with another nice wrap up for fans. Booster is once again shown to be the hero he really is as he struggles to find Barry Allen, defeat Doomsday and save time itself. Also fall in love, lose that love in a heroically tragic way and most importantly keep the fans wanting more. Who can do that all in one issue? Dan Jurgens can! Just another tragic victim of DC's latest stunt. This series was never anything but purge gold. My Score: B+

Amazing Spider-Man #667amazing667
I really wish this book hadn't come up to review. I'm not a fan of this book currently but I shall put that aside and say that there is a lot of good stuff here. Any fan of Spidey can appreciate the hard work Slott and crew have put into this even to make it enjoyable for everyone old and new to the Spider-Verse. Manhattan has become a nightmare with hundreds of people now possessing spider powers. Suddenly there are a ton of New Yorkers in Spider-Man costumes giving the Avengers a really big headache. Even more so since they had to interrupt their battle with ancient dead evil Norse brothers. That's really all that happened this issue. It was okay. Looks like it could be a very good story at this point. I reserve judgment. My Score: B

War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath #2waroggl2
I loves me my Lantern Universe but I'm getting very tired of all this drudge. That being said, the wrap up was better than the event. Tony Bedard gives us a rather non-conclusion to Sinestro, the Guardians and Stewart, while paving way for Gardner and Kyle's next step in the DC Universe. My biggest question here is how much of this continuity is being kept at this point? This part of the universe kind of worries me with the new continuity. I invested a hell of a lot of time and money in everything from the Sinestro Corps through the Rainbow Lanterns and finally to Zombie Lanterns and White Swamp Lanterns. If this meant nothing now I'm going to be so mad I'm going to claim to drop the Green Lantern books but really won't.... however... I digress. Strong art here, some of my favorite to date from Ransom Getty. My Score: B

Teen Titans #99teettitans99
Thank you DC for allowing this book to get to its hundredth issue. And thank you DC for putting this book out of its misery thereafter. I have no problem with Krul at all but this book has just felt old for way too long. The final story with Superboy Prime has been adequate at best, but not even the cool ending and awesome splash page from Jose Luis can save this team at this point. I hope the revamp is better... much, much better. My Score: C

Fear Itself #5fearitself5
I can't describe just how boring I have found this series; but it's right up there with Flashpoint over at DC. That being said, this issue was okay with some nice battle scenes between Thor and Hulk, a little cool dialogue and one of the most sobering endings I've seen written in quite a while. Still I'm not feeling the intimate need to be personally drawn into this story and this issue did nothing to help that. My Score: C-

Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #3fpcaptaincold3
Two words. Ho Hum. The art saves this really blah Elseworld story from a solid F. This "event" has bored me as much as Marvel's and the final issue of this story is the perfect example of a so what tacked on story. Unless you are a really huge fan of Captain Cold, this issue and this series aren't worth it. My Score: D

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