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Starlord: Top to Bottom 8/24/11

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, August 29 2011 and posted in Reviews
wolverine14aThis week's list was an interesting selection which seemed to be divided into really good and really not so good.

1. Wolverine #14wolverine14
If anybody ever tried to bet me a million dollars that I would fall in love with a Wolverine story I would be a very poor man right now. This is what I call a perfect story with one of the best, most chilling conclusions I have read in ages. Jason Aaron is Marvel's Scott Snyder in that they both get the characters they are writing allowing them to tell the most personal, yet riveting stories you will ever read. Anybody that knows me knows that I am not a fan of Logan. It was thirty years ago but the character had become so over used that I never thought I'd enjoy him again. I was wrong. This run has been proof that it's all about the writer. If you've got a great writer, any character can be interesting. Get this. Read this. Read this entire run... NOW! My Score: A

2. Uncanny X-Force #13uncannyxforce14
Another X-Book that is magnificent in its delivery. The Dark Angel Saga is a great new take on a classic X-Men tale using the rich history of the AoA Universe. Rick Remender has made this THE X-Book to read. Gambit's sacrifice was touching, Wolverine battling Wolverine, an AoA Nightcrawler that makes me ache for our Kurt, and that wonderful cliff-hanger ending that is sentimental in its predictability. Top that off with Mark Brooks' beautiful pencils that sets exactly the right mood and you've got another mutant book that is putting out some of the best stories I've read in the X-Titles in a while. My Score: A

3. Batman: Gates of Gotham #5batmangates5
Speaking of Scott Snyder, this guy writes Batman like F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote prose. This is yet another reason to jump on the Snyder express. I have no doubt at all that come next month the Batman title is in the best hands it has experienced in quite some time. This was also a great way to say goodbye to the Batman as we've known him since that evil Flashpoint will destroy everything we once believed. My Score: A-

4. The Punisher #2punisher2
I'm a very big fan of Garth Ennis' work on this character as well as Frank Miller's and I'm happy to say that Mr. Rucka has set a wonderful tone already two issues in. Good solid story building with a Frank Castle that is more silent Dirty Harry then he's ever been. Marco Checchetto's pencils are masterful in their own right and Matt Hollingsworth's colors enhance the entire package like a pretty red and green bow on a really large and enticing Christmas package. If you are a fan of Punisher (of which I am not really) then this should be a run worth collecting. I'm going to stick around for a while myself to see how this turns out. My Score: A-

5. Wonder Woman #614wonderwoman614
Talk about a storyline that I can't figure out if I liked or not! I keep going back and forth but I will say that the final issue of this run as well as the title itself was a well-crafted story that deserves a round of applause. The battle with Nemesis was enjoyable but the wrap-up after Diana's life returns to normal was a much more prolific and rewarding than Action Comics this month. I'm looking forward to the next direction for my favorite Amazon and also very pleased on how this run ended. My Score: B+

6. The Search for Swamp Thing #3bd-swampthing3
Brightest Day was... not that bright really, so this whole Swamp Thing story is beyond interest to me. For some reason I've never been a great fan of John Constantine either. The reason I picked this series up was in hopes that it would spark an interest in me for the upcoming new series, but it hasn't. Though the art helped make it look very nice, this was an introduction story that I had little interest in by the end. I've had it happen many times, a character I don't care for I take an interest in due to the writing. Since this is not one of those times I can't really rate this very high I'm afraid. My Score: C+

7. FF #8ff8
It's great to see Black Bolt back! How cool is it to see Nathan and Reed joining forces with Victor and a whole slew of old school Fantastic Four villains. I never thought I'd actually like a total redesign of a costume like I have this team. Even the change in Spider-Man is awesome! The ending was a great piece of classic comic cliff-hanger. It's sad that I just don't find the writing appealing. I'm all about being invested in the characters I'm reading and if the writer can't make me care about them, then cool moments can't carry it for me. My Score: C-


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