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52apolooza: Swamp Thing

Written by The Bear Jew, ZombieLovePony and Porcelain38 on Sunday, September 18 2011 and posted in Reviews

Swamp Thing invades 52apolooza!  How does Scott's Snyder's newest book hold up?  Click and find out!

Welcome to 52apolooza, the Outhouse feature focusing on DC's September Relaunch.  All of DC's 52 titles will be reviewed by our pool of reviewers to point out the best and worst that DC's new comic book line has to offer.  To see how this book ranks among the other new DC titles, be sure to check out our 52apolooza Rankings!

Swamp Thing was one of two "Vertigo-lite" titles to be released this week.  Written by the hottest writer in the industry, Scott Snyder, and illustrated by Batman Incorporated artist Yanick Paquette, the book enters 52apolooza with high expectations.  How did the book do? Read on and find out!

New Reader Reviewer: The Bear Jew

The Swamp Grows

SwampThing1image5When I first heard that there was going to be a new Swamp Thing comic amidst the flurry of DC's new 52, I was ecstatic. Swamp Thing has had a very special place in my heart ever since I picked up the trades of the Alan Moore (Watchmen, Top 10) run, and I am delighted to say that this newest iteration has kept my love going strong. Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Iron Man Noir) really channels everything that made Moore's Swamp beautiful. Snyder quickly and efficiently introduces old and new readers alike to Alec Hollander, who seems to be taking center stage in favor of his earthly counterpart. The story sets up a vague villain entity that shows promise, but the far more interesting piece is the inner conflict Hollander has with his memories of being the Swamp Thing. The entire issue is peppered with with beautiful metaphors in both the text and imagery. The only problem with the story is that there isn't enough of it.

The art is an absolute feast for the eyes, served up by Yanick Paquette. The cover is easily the best rendition of Swamp Thing I have ever seen. Inside the issue the art is definitely nature focused, displaying gorgeous flora and animal imagery. My only complaint with the art is that it sometimes feels flat which can take the reader out of the experience.

Overall a damn good read, especially if you are a fan of Swamp Thing, that makes one wish there were more readily available.

Score: 87/100

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