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Young Justice 1.11 Terrors

Written by Zechs on Monday, September 26 2011 and posted in Reviews

Yes, you're reading this right. We're finally getting a new episode of Young Justice after a VERY long layoff. Was it worth the wait?

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Miss Martian and Superboy pose as super-villain twins known as the "Terrors" and infiltrate Belle Rove prison, home of numerous super criminals. Why are they there? To find out the true mission of the various cold-themed fiends, as they've all been incarcerated there.

So yeah, the first "real" new episode since June. I cannot believe I just watched a new episode and in total shock. .... Okay the shock is over. Time to actually dig into this episode.

Along with last week's adrenaline rush and actual subplot movement with the whole Light thing, we're given another key subplot continued on from the pilot episode. Why did all the ice villains attack on July 4th? In this episode we get an answer to just that.

This episode's greatest strength was advancing the Superboy and Miss Martian subplot to its next point. Seeing the pair deal with their feelings for each other while on a mission was interesting, given how close the two were a few episodes ago (it feels like an eternity since that episode has aired). The best moments occurred while the two had a session with prison psychiatrist, Hugo Strange (yeah.. the twist for the episode involving him goes were you think it does). Regardless, seeing the two air their laundry in front of Hugo was priceless.

Then near the end of the episode well we get this:


And, well, it goes down exactly like you're seeing that picture from another character's viewpoint, Icicle Jr. Truly the most hilarious moment of the series thus far. Just for the Icicle Jr.'s realization from shock and awe to who they actually are was just great.

Really, Icicle Jr. was the other highlight of the episode for me. Seeing him try and live up to the legacy of his father, Icicle Sr., was really fascinating. Not to mention how "normal" things were like him befriending the undercover Superboy and actually trusting him (which of course bites him in his frosty behind).

I loved seeing all these villains, new and old, appear throughout the episode. We got the return of the cold villains from the pilot, Blockbuster, Brick, and several others. While they also introduce Icicle Sr., the Riddler (though mocked throughout the episode as Nigma), Hugo Strange, and a few other faces that fans of the DCU will be pleased to see. Oh, I forgot to mention, this sort of nefarious environment would be nowhere without Amanda Waller ruling the roost as the prison warden. It was a real treat to see her lay down the law throughout the episode. I kind of wish there was more scenes with her because she owned every scene she was in.


Despite all these nice elements, I had a lot of problems with this episode. The biggest of course being, yet again like every episode so far in this series, the same ending. Heroes do their things, and win the day. GUESS AGAIN!! The Light met their objectives and really won. This sort of ending gets boring really fast. How this episode ended was easily telegraphed for anyone who knew the character of Hugo Strange: "just as planned." Can't we just see once where things don't work out? I know it'll happen because it has to, but at least try to make things fresh and unpredictable. Another problem is this long running subplot is just agonizing given the time its taken when compared to a show like Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, who did with their subplot with mild teases throughout their season. Or compared to Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which keeps them short and sweet. I know once this whole series gets collected it'll be better, but given the gap the episodes get bogged down.

Another problem I had with the episode is why did the villains just wear wrist gauntlets? I get their reason for being at the prison, but why those weapons in particular? If so then why just have other super criminals wear them? Why couldn't we have seen all of them together on screen more than once? The whole point of the cold villains subplot just felt like a let down with what could have been a real "cool" idea.


So yeah, this was a good episode, but not as great as last week's. Almost funny in a way, given that this episode was written by one of the co-creators of the series. There was a lot to like in this episode, but once again the same elements that make this series average reared their head again. I really want to like this show, but between the long hiatus of new episodes and continuing on the same old plot. I'm just hoping we see things just end and for the show to do something else now.

7 out of 10

Review by: Zechs


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