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Gleeview - I Am Unicorn

Written by Erik Galston on Wednesday, September 28 2011 and posted in Reviews

Glee's Second episode of Season 3, I Am Unicorn, is reviewed by the Outhouse's resident Gleek, Erik Galston

For the second episode of the season, I Am Unicorn, Glee pushes the storylines for many characters forward.  In an episode with very little singing, three songs total, drama was the focal point of the episode.

The episode starts out with Brittany telling Kurt that she wants to help him with his campaign for student body president. Kurt agrees since Brittany is popular and could get him some votes.  At glee club practice, Will tells the kids that Vocal Adrenaline is coach-less after taking 2nd place at Nationals last year.  Will announces that in order to be first place at Nationals, the group must up their dance game.  In order to do that, Will, with the help of Mike Chang, starts "Booty Camp," for all the kids who lack dance moves, basically everyone but Rachel, Tina, Brittany and Mike.  Will also says he's not going to direct the musical. Ms. Pilsbury and Coach Bieste will be directing it, with Artie student directing.

After Will told Sugar Motta last week she wasn't good enough for the club, her father donates a substantial amount of money to the school for a second club.  The director of that club is Shelby Corcoran, Rachel's bio mom and Quinn and Puck's baby's adoptive mother.  Shelby tells Will that she is coming back to Lima to right some of her past wrongs, Rachel being one of them.

Shelby talks to Puck and Quinn about wanting them to be in Beth's life, but not if they stay on the same path they are on.  Quinn lashes out at Shelby, throwing in her face that she is Beth's mother, not Shelby.  Shortly after Sue interrupts Quinn and her skanks while they are bullying another student, and offers Quinn a way to get back at the Glee Club by appearing in a campaign video about the dangers of the arts.  Quinn agrees.

Kurt and Brittany work on Kurt's campaign posters.  Brittany believes that Kurt should fully embrace who he is and run on a platform of gay acceptance.  Kurt thinks they should tone it down and not be so "gay."

Shelby shows up while Rachel is practicing the song she's going to sing for auditions.  Rachel wants to play it safe and sing a song she knows, but Shelby tells her that if she wants to be a star, she needs to take chances.  Rachel, with the help from Shelby, sings "Somewhere" from West Side Story, and as expected impresses the directors.

Sue shoots her campaign video with Quinn, showing how much Quinn's life has been ruined since joining the club.  At the end of the video Sue has Quinn confront Will about how her life has been ruined by Glee Club.  Will lashes out at Quinn, and tells her that the glee club has always had her back.  He brings up how Mercedes took her in when her parents kicked her out, and he hasn't ever heard gratitude for that act.  He tells her she needs to grow up.  Quinn storms out.  Will tells Sue she can't use that footage, and she tells him she didn't get it on tape.

Puck shows up at Shelby's apartment to prove to her that he's changed.  She tells him that being in Beth's life is a long-term commitment, which Puck accepts.

Kurt auditions with Streisand's "I'm the Greatest Star," from Funny Girl.  He impressed the judges, but later while eavesdropping, Kurt finds out that they don't think he's "butch" enough for the lead in the musical.  Kurt walks through the school and sees Brittany putting up the wrong posters, and pretty much flips out at her.  Santana sees this and tells Brittany that she's a genius.  Kurt has Rachel do an emergency audition, to show the directors he can be "butch."  During the audition Kurt doesn't succeed in proving it and he storms off.

Kurt talks to his dad about how its not fair that he can't be the male lead in straight roles.  Burt tells him that he needs to make his own roles.

Finn and Rachel talk about the future.  She suggests he should go with her to NYC.  Finn feels like he wants to stay in Lima.

Quinn demands that Shelby let her see Beth.  Shelby tells her she needs to stop dwelling on the mistakes she made as a child, and start to be an adult.  And when she does that she can see Beth.  She shows her a picture of Beth though, and Quinn breaks down.

At "Booty Camp" Finn finally gets dance steps down, to the amazement of everyone watching.  Quinn shows up, minus the pink hair and punk look, asking to rejoin the group.  Will gladly accepts.  Puck tells Quinn he's proud of her.  Quinn replies telling him, that she'll fake being the "good girl" until she gets full custody of Beth back.

Kurt, having a little more confidence after talking to Burt, decides to go with Brittany's idea of playing up the gay in his campaign.  When he tells Brittany that they should figure out more of his campaign, Brittany tells him she's running for president as well.

The last scene of the show is Blaine auditioning with the song, "Something's Coming" from West Side Story. Kurt watches him from the rafters.  Blaine blows the judges away, and when Artie asks if he'd read the lead role, Kurt is devastated.

This episode was very good.  There were numerous times I actually got chills while watching the show.  When Quinn argued with Will was very powerful.  I teared up when Puck went to Shelby's and saw Beth.  With only 3 songs in the show, it was nice to see lots of plots start to unfold.

One issue I have is Quinn. Once again as she starts to become a character you can like she says something like the getting custody of Beth line, and it makes you hate her.

Overall this was probably one of my favorite episodes of Glee in a while.  I'm looking forward to next week's episode, and what looks like the 3rd annual Diva-Off, which ends with lots of fallout.

Written or Contributed by: Erik Galston

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