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What Outhousers are saying about Comics

Written by Jeremy Shane on Monday, October 03 2011 and posted in Reviews

Don't like the formal reviews?  Want to know what fellow readers think about the comics hitting the stands?  Find out here!  What Outhousers are saying about comics from 9/28/11.

  Aquaman #1

  "This issue was so fanfiction-y." -- Holland Oats

  "...the entire damn issue outside of those piranha people was structured around people treating Aquaman like a joke while he constantly uses Ben Stiller's Blue Steel look." -- fieldy snuts

"This was the most excellent beginning to the all new, all different but still kindda the same, Aquaman!!" -- Starlord

"This issue is outstanding. Johns takes years of mockery and gives it the middle finger." -- Mammon, Fool Breaker

"This was not very good. 90% of this comic is people telling Aquaman how much he sucks." -- Kerny


The Fury of Firestorm #1
"If this were a film, it would be a B-movie that escaped from the 80s." -- David Dean

"This book was awful." -- Mike Mercury

"this was awful" -- Chap22

"This book was awful" -- Amoebas

"I was a little hesitant going into this comic book, but it proved itself to be interesting and engaging." -- Katie Hutchison


  Superman #1

   "This was a surprisingly good book. And hey look!  Superman actually did stuff!" -- Flynn the Pirate

   "So Barry Allen has the ability to change people's race via time travel now?" -- The Nacireman

"I loved that this book has more words in it that any ten other books combined. It felt like I was READING a comic again (which was awesome). Thumps up to Perez." -- Ameobas

"My main problem with the story is that Superman is back to the same old mopey putz that instantly causes readers to lose interest instantly." -- Sakie


Ultimates #2

"I really liked this issue, so much moreso than the first issue." -- Flynn the Pirate

"Only Hickman would use the same characters as Heroes in one book, and Villains in the other, and get away with it." -- The Bass

"I'm really enjoying it myself, reminds me of the Authority, Planetary and early Ultimates stuff so it's right up my alley." -- xaraan

"This issue more then made up for last issue. Damn that was brutal." -- avengingtitan


  I, Vampire #1

  "Here's another very different, excellent book on the fringes of the new DCU that those endlessly proclaiming there is nothing novel or interesting about the relaunch should shut up and check out." -- Mike Mercury

  "I was put off by the cover too, it looked like Twilight. ...when we see the covers 3 months in advance and have to pre-order, they're all we have to go on." -- Punchy

"I, Vampire was without a doubt the biggest surprise of the new 52 for me.  Just fantastic." -- Chap22

"I expected to be 'meh' about this book. Instead I loved it." -- Amoebas

"I thought it was fantastic. I really hope that we see more books like this in Wave 2." -- BlueStreak

"I was going to skip it based on the very Twilight looking cover until I was convinced by some of the OHG group to give it a shot. I'm glad I did. Easily one of the best NuDCU books I've read so far" -- rdrsfn82

"This was an excellent book." -- Royal Nonesuch


Voodoo #1

"This was a damn solid read. Damn good pacing, well written characters, and gorgeous art. I'm on for next issue!" -- Greg

"Solid first issue, beautiful artwork." -- Mike Mercury

"This was probably the best comic I read this week." -- Flynn the Pirate

"That shape change was definitely a nega-boner scene." -- xaraan

"It was very cheesecake-y and thats just not for me." -- avengingtitan

"Samir Nasri's art was very good." -- fieldy snuts

Written or Contributed by: Jeremy Shane

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