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52apolooza: Red Hood and the Outlaws

Written by Christian Hoffer, Kerny and Brian Burchette on Sunday, October 09 2011 and posted in Reviews

Red Hood and the Outlaws is the fratboy of DC's New 52?  Does 52apolooza want to punch it in the face?  Click and find out!

Welcome to 52apolooza, the Outhouse feature focusing on DC's September Relaunch.  All of DC's 52 titles will be reviewed by our pool of reviewers to point out the best and worst that DC's new comic book line has to offer.  To see how this book ranks among the other new DC titles, be sure to check out our 52apolooza Rankings!

Red Hood and the Outlaws is a book that features two former sidekick and alien that enjoys their company.  How did it do in 52apolooza?  Read on and find out!

Grab Bag Reviewer: Christian Hoffer

Upon several readings of Red Hood and the Outlaws, I am convinced that this book only exists to make the rest of DC's New 52 look good. I'd feel a little bad for saying this as both Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort were very passionate about the bookin the weeks leading up to its release, but the fact remains that Red Hood and the Outlaws might be the least likable of all DC's new offerings and make all but a select few look like Watchmen chapters in comparison. The premise of the book is odd, the characters are detesting and the various subplots range from sad to scummy. It's a perfect mess, enjoyable only as fodder for making easy jokes and as proof that, even in a companywide relaunch horrific lapses in judgment can still be made.

redhood1The plot reads like a poor fanfic written by a horny New Jersey teen. Jason Todd busts his friend Roy Harper out of prison and brags to his newly freed companion that he's banging an alien princess with memory issues. Said alien princess then blows up some tanks and later propositions Roy Harper for sex while wearing next to nothing. Meanwhile, Jason Todd goes to investigate the death of a magic cabal that he was apparently associated with in the past and finds himself at a tenuous situation at the end of the story.   Although Lobdell does his best to establish his characters as edgy and the magic subplot as intriguing, it instead comes off and cliched and sad. 

Jason Todd, the "protagonist" of the book, is excruciatingly unlikable.  Arrogant, stupid, and constantly bragging about his sad sexual exploits, I'm half surprised he didn't lift up his shirt to show off his abs while in battle and spout off some lame catchphrase.  Roy Harper, meanwhile, looks like a backwater hick unable to purchase the heroin his body so desperately craves. While the character now has two arms, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them falls off should the character ever be introduced to the Russian drug Krocodil. Then there's Starfire, the so-called vagina-shaped goldfish, who has no recollection of her time with the Teen Titans or anything else that occurred more than five minutes in the past. Lobdell's reinvention of the character not only brings shame to DC's editorial department for actually letting this crap through, but also upon its own catalogue of characters which has supposedly interacted with her in the past. Not to start bitching like a fanboy, but how can anyone respect a character like Dick Grayson (who was specifically mentioned as his ex) who apparently been in a relationship with an emotionless, carnal alien who cares only about blowing up artillery, bathing in the near nude and engaging in purely physical sex with anything that has a phallic shaped appendage? Not even above average art from Kenneth Rocafort can make this book remotely salvageable. While the art is certainly dynamic, it's simply overshadowed by the immense loathing that the characters cause.

Red Hood and the Outlaws is the comic book equivalent to the Big Guns, Big Boobs and Fast Cars magazines that occasionally show up on magazine shelves in gas stations that are perused only by mullet-sporting yokels in cut-off flannel shirt with a hand down their pants that  hastily throw the magazine down to use a nearby bathroom while the memories of the boobs and/or cars is still fresh in their mind. It's a waste of money, resources and talent and is almost bad enough to negate all of the good titles that DC did manage to put out last month.

Writing: 0/25
Art: 10/25
Accessibility: 5/25
Enjoyability: 0/25

Total Score: 15/100

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