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Walking Dead #89

Written by David Dean on Wednesday, October 05 2011 and posted in Reviews

David Dean reviews the penultimate issue of the "We Find Ourselves" arc.

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

The Walking Dead #89 (MR)

Story: Robert Kirkman
Art/Cover: Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn

On Sale:October 05, 2011


*Spoiler Review*

This issue marks the penultimate issue of The Walking Dead: We Find
Ourselves, with the final issue next month hopefully concluding the ongoing drama between the townsfolk and Rick's gang (because it's starting to grate on my nerves). I think we've done this "us vs. them (why can't we all work together against the zombies?)" storyline a few times in a row now. As soon as it's put to rest, it rises from the grave again.

To recap what's happened so far this story arc: Carl has awoken from his coma with some memory loss and has to relive the death of his mother.  However, he feels nothing from the loss.  Meanwhile, Rick is sobbing on the floor in a store, Nicholas is attempting to start a coup against Rick and his group, and everyone is working on Rick's plan to make the town safe forever by parking cars and digging holes.


Glenn saves this issue from Rick's nonsensical maudlin therapy session. Glenn overhears Nicholas' plan to kill Rick. He exchanges some words with Nicholas, creating the most intense conflict of the issue. Then Glenn runs from Nicholas who wants to kill him to protect his secret plan.

Glenn is great in every scene. If Kirkman ever decides to kill him off, I may consider dropping this book entirely or writing Kirkman a letter telling him I hate his guts.


Now, Rick on the other hand... every time Rick starts talking about his feelings, I'm confused and consider punching myself in the face. His reasoning never makes sense. He talks about how his son has grown too strong to grieve and that he's adapted to this world filled with death and zombies. Rick then concludes his cry session by saying, "What good is keeping him alive...if I've lost my little boy in the process?" What has happened to you, Rick? Because your boy has shut down his emotions, you think he should die? This is just...I want to slap Rick so hard right now. What exactly is the emotional conflict Rick has here? Would someone please explain it to me in the comment section below? I'm willing to mulligan this and move on like a hole in the head. But if it's actually an important plot point, then I'm going to need better exposition than what we have so far.

Also, hasn't Carl killed a few people? I have not been keeping count, but Carl has blood on his hands. If I were Carl's father, I would be a little bit more concerned about this than the emotional walls he put up after the loss of his mother.

Apart from all my personal issues I have with Rick, I really enjoyed this issue. The cliffhanger ending was perfect. The art is striking and captures the mood very well. I'm looking forward to the next issue coming out and seeing how the group gets themselves out of this pickle. As always, the humans are more dangerous than the zombies.

One final comment: this month marks the return of The Walking Dead (season 2) to television on October 16th. There will also be a Walking Dead novel coming out on October 11th that tells the back story of the greatest villain in comic history, the Governor. So this will be a busy month for Walking Dead fans.

Score: 7.5/10

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Review by: David Dean

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