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Starlord: Top to Bottom 9/28/11

Written by Brian Burchette on Wednesday, October 05 2011 and posted in Reviews

Alright ladies, gentlemen, and hermaphrodites, I apologize for the lateness this week but every time I started to type up my reviews I kept breaking a nail. And these days reaching down to clip my toenails takes much longer than it used to.

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1. I Vampire #1ivampire1
You want something different in your funny book? Buy this one. Tired of the same old thing and wish DC would take a risk? Buy this one. Do you enjoy moody art with a story that will challenge you? Buy this one. Bringing the DC's own Vampire Nation front and center in this universe could be the best move the company has done. The look, the feel is all Vertigo. Now to be honest I'm going to be buying this in trade. As great of a read as this was, I am betting any money it's going to be even better in trade format. My Score: A

2. Justice League Dark #1jldark1
Peter Milligan is one of those writers for me that is either hit or miss; with miss being the more common. I'm hoping the first issue of this new Justice League book is a good sign because this was highly entertaining. In fact this is a perfect book end to Justice League International. Those magic threats that are beyond the abilities of Superman or Wonder Woman is a perfect reason to bring all these characters together. Threat feels real enough, giving each member their own moment. Art works pretty well here as well. It's not a perfect book but I'm looking forward to issue number two. My Score: B

3. The Amazing Spider-Man #670amazing670
Yeah alright, I'm getting into this story, but it's taken a while. Excellent continuation with Mayor Jameson in the spot light as his transformation into one of those spider-thingies becomes complete with quite a bite. Mary Jane has become a waste of a character but all in all this issue of a rather dull event was a nice little oasis in a rather long and never ending desert of adequate art and just above average story-telling. My Score: B-

4. The New Mutants #31newmutants31
The great thing about the New Mutants is that it doesn't matter what kind of story you put them in, this is a team that has seen it all and done it all; so whether they are battling Sentinels or a hoard of demons in Hel (one L), they seem right at home. This is a great thing since once again a Fear Itself tie in seems to have sucked some of the fun out of this story. Abnett and Lanning do their best, but unfortunately if you are not a fan of the Fear Itself storyline, there's not much reason to get this issue. My Score B-

5. Captain America and Bucky #622cap-bucky622
This could very well be one of my favorite Bucky stories I've ever read. A coming of age story really with a very satisfying ending, I'd almost forgotten how beautiful these done in ones can be. Brubaker can make a part of Cap's past seem new and fresh again. The art is great as well but there was something that felt off for me. Maybe it's me. Maybe I've lost my interest in lost World War II stories with Cap and his Invader friends. My Score: B-

6. Secret Avengers #17secretavengers17
Warren Ellis is slowly falling into that category of writers who really belong creating their own characters and leaving established icons alone. I've can't remember the last time I've seen Steve Rogers written so stiffly. There was a lot of action here which was nice but not really much substance. Not a fan of the art either. It felt as though Kev Walker was trying for two different styles and never quite accomplished either. Sadly I think this book will soon be off my list. My Score: C-

7. Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #1firestorm1
First and foremost I want to say that my love for Gail Simone knows no bounds. I adore her and her work. Ethan Van Sciver I've always enjoyed as an artist, this being the first time I've ever read anything he has written – well outside of Facebook. So after reading it twice and studying the art I can say this was complete certainty: Did you see those colors on the cover? That is the color scheme I'm thinking about for our bedroom. Maybe a bit darker on the orange but you get the idea. My Score: E


Review by: Brian Burchette

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