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52apolooza: Batman: The Dark Knight

The last of the Batman books is reviewed by 52apolooza!  How is it?  Read on and find out!

Welcome to 52apolooza, the Outhouse feature focusing on DC's September Relaunch.  All of DC's 52 titles will be reviewed by our pool of reviewers to point out the best and worst that DC's new comic book line has to offer.  To see how this book ranks among the other new DC titles, be sure to check out our 52apolooza Rankings!

The Dark Knight was the center of a little fabricated controversy last week after a blogger accused the writer of using a slur in the final splash page.  Is the book really worth the controversy?  Read on and find out!

New Reader Reviewer: Katie Hutchison

As I read through Batman: The Dark Knight #1, I thought to myself, "Does every Batman plot involve prisoners escaping from the Arkham Asylum?" If this, and several other of the New 52 that I picked up are any indication, then apparently yes.


I had really enjoyed Nightwing #1 and Batman #1, so I was expecting to like this comic just as much. It was pretty good, but nowhere near the level of awesomeness the other two in my opinion. First off, kind of a boring plot. Batman beats up bad guy, gets to an event as Bruce Wayne just in time to make a fashionably late appearance, is confronted by a Gotham Internal Affairs officer named Forbes, meets a beguiling and beautiful half-Indian woman, and then leaves the party to fight the prisoner breakout at Arkham Asylum.

The fight at the asylum was what was weird to me. Batman was really focused on getting to Two-Face and seemed to ignore the other baddies, which are all really dangerous or else they wouldn't be there. And when he does find Two-Face, he seems to have grown to Hulk-like proportions (or the art was really weird).

Speaking of artwork, Bruce's face was really inconsistent. Sometimes he looked youthful and debonair, other times he looked hardened and beat up, and page 5 there is a close up of him speaking at the podium and he looks almost like John Travolta.

Overall, I was disappointed, especially when Batman usually pulls me in.

Score: 70/100

Marvel Reviewer: Aly Abbas

I swear I've written this review before. Probably because this book has the same problems as Detective Comics #1, as well as the same advantage. Again, the art is fantastic. David Finch draws a fluid yet intimidating Batman. And some of his villains look truly creepy.

The writing is just not at the same level as the art. Paul Jenkins's plot is just humdrum, involving a cliché with a Gotham P.D. Internal Affairs officer, a brand new female love interest with no personality, and an escape from Arkham Asylum culminating in an absolutely absurd last panel.

Bottom line, this comic is beautiful but dull. The writing seems to be absolutely secondary to the art, instead of both of them supporting each other. If you want to read a better Batman comic, Batman by Snyder seems to be the only one worth reading.

Writing: 12/25
Art: 20/25
Accessibility: 13/25
Enjoyability: 10/25

Total Score: 55/100

DC Reviewer: Brian Burchette

This is another instance where too much of anything might not be a good thing. Jenkins and Finch are well respected in their field and it shows here, but at the same time there doesn't seem to be anything new. A break out in Arkham followed by a standoff with Gotham's finest, which brings in Batman who discovers a mutated Two-Face.

The art is what stands out in this book. Pencils, inks and colors are so well blended that each page really is a special treat. It's unfortunate that the story just seems to be so standard. It has some great potential, it sure does have the art down, but with this team I think I'd rather see more of the Bruce Wayne side of the Batman's life.

Story: 16/25
Art: 24/25
Accessibility: 20/25
Enjoyment: 19/25

Final Score: 79/100
Grab Bag Reviewer: Porcelain38

Batman: The Dark Knight is kinda like having teeth in an anus. Not really necessary.

Batman: The Dark Knight is one of the weakest books out of the new 52, and definitely the weakest book in the Batman line of books. The rest of the Bat-books have a reason to exist and each have a unique perspective on Batman. This one... I really can't see the reason why this book exists. It doesn't really bring anything new to the table. We see Bruce Wayne interact with Gotham's elite (something we already saw in Snyder's Batman) and a breakout attempt in Arkham (something else we already saw in Batman). It feels like DC just wanted to give artist David Finch a book to draw and the man was dead set on Batman, and failed to give any real plot or substance to the story.

That being said, David Finch's art is a pale comparison to his earlier work. In some of the earlier pages Finch's art looks like a lot like Jim Lee's, but it soon derails into something else. His Bruce Wayne looks inconsistent throughout the issue and it is really distracting. His villians are the highlight of the issue as they tear into security guards, however this soon wasted as "One-Face" shows up.

Batman: The Dark Knight had a terrible first issue and really needs a strong second issue to pull it out of the rut of being one DC's worst books.

Writing: 5/25
Art: 18/25
Accessibility: 20/25
Enjoyabillity: 5/25

Total: 48/100
Final 52apolooza Score: 252 (Average Score: 63.0)

Written or Contributed by: Katie Hutchison, Aly Abbas, Brian Burchette and Porcelain38

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