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Ring of Honor on SBG - 10/9/11

Written by syxxpakk on Sunday, October 09 2011 and posted in Reviews
Ring of Honor on SBG - 10/9/11

It's former ROH World Champion Roderick Strong taking on current champion Davey Richards for the title.  Who will walk away with the belt?

  • The show starts with a recap of the ROH World TV Championship match from last week, where Jay Lethal and El Generico (the champion) battled to a time-limit draw and then into OT as Lethal beat Generico to win the ROH World TV Championship.

  • Camera pans around ringside and it looks packed. Jim Cornette is in the ring to kick the show off and he brings out "Dem Boys," The Briscoe Brothers. Cornette talks about the Briscoes were fined for attacking Wrestling's Great Tag Team with chairs. Mark Briscoe is upset that he could have spent the money on beer. The mic audio goes up and down. Jay Briscoe wants a title match with WGTT. Cornette won't reward them, but offers them a compromise: WGTT vs. All-night Express for top contendership. I think I just heard production team members talking in the background. The Briscoes are not fazed by the ANX. Funny moment: Jay calls the ANX "bitches" and a ring-bell censors him. Herein lies a problem with filming out of order, because they talk about beating ANX on iPPV, in a street fight, and in a 1st blood match. No mention of the Ladder War which aired before this episode, but was filmed after it and hence – continuity issues. Joe Koff, ROH COO, has assured fans this won't be an issue going forward. Shame they wasted Ladder War 3 on the iPPV since it technically not only didn't end the feud, but it brought one of the lowest buyates for ROH on iPPV yet.

  • Um. Commercial break. That's new.

  • ROH Focus On: Tomasso Ciampa. Cornette calsl Ciampa "spooky." OK. Ciampa does the UFC-style interview and puts himself over as the most dominant man in ROH. He's undefeated, you know. Prince Nana shows up in his swank robes. Nana puts Ciampa over as the Crowned Jewel of the Embassy. Cornette questions the legitimacy of Nana's royalty. How dare you Jim Cornette. Cornette also questions the mental stability of Ciampa. They show some video footage of Ciampa working out with big tractor tires. Ciampa's not that bad as far as promos go, but it's a sit-down interview and as David Otunga proves, post-production can make many individuals great at promos.

  • Match One: 'The Dominant Male' Tomasso Ciampa w/ Prince Nana & Ernesto Osiris vs. Andy 'Right Leg' Ridge. Ridge has a bit of a following among the ROH faithfuls. Steve Corino is at ringside with Kevin Kelly. This should be a squash to establish Ciampa. Ridge is a student from the Delirious Class (as opposed to the Punk, Austin, and Danielson Classes). The Tale of the Tape has Ridge as taller, but Ciampa as heavier. Corino puts over the strength of Ridge's right eg. I find it all quite ridiculous. In any event, Ridge gets some offense in but this match is all about Ciampa beating the hell out of him. Well, Ridge is getting a lot more offense than I would think necessary. For a guy who is supposed to be the 'Dominant Male,' Ciampa isn't being that dominant. Ciampa finally gets the win with the powerbomb into the double knees, called "Project Ciampa" by Kevin Kelly. This is part of the double-edged sword with these establishing episodes. The idea is to establish the stars for new fans who have never seen ROH. The problem is if you do these matches so even, it doesn't really make a big star out of someone who is supposed to be the 'Dominant Male.'

  • Nigel McGuinness asks a fan who he thinks will win tonight between Roderick Strong and Davey Richards. The fan responds, "BRING BACK KEVIN STEEN!" Nice.

  • Inside ROH: The Roderick Strong/Davey Richards Rivalry. Roddy keeps pushing the egotisitical jock bit. He says girls used to do lots of favors him. My goodness he's finally developed a personality other than the old NRC-standby. Richards talks about how important winning the title is to him because of his family. I really like how they keep putting this emotional edge to character, because it gives fans a hook to sink into. Richards talks about his grandfather dying and how he used to watch wrestling with him. I mean, how many of us have a similar story of watching wrestling with a parent or grandparent? Great stuff.

  • Main Event: Davey Richards [c] vs. Roderick Strong – ROH World Championship Match. NO REMORSE CORPS EXPLODES! I have yet to see a bad match between these two, just FYI. Bobby Cruise does the big match intros. The Tale of the Tape puts them as equals, with one exception: will Roddy follow the Code of Honor?! I hope not, his new personality wouldn't fit with that. AND HE DOESN'T. Good stuff. Richards has seemingly lost weight. I remember once, Roddy was like the Arn Anderson/Ronnie Garvin of ROH. Bulky guy, bad ass demeanor, etc. Then he quit eating, but it did make him better all-around worker I suppose. Now he's more of a Tully Blanchard. Lots of reversals at the beginning sets up the standard INDY APPLAUSE~! from the crowd. Poor camera work cuts from a pin attempt to Truth Martini. They brawl to the outside and trade strikes. Kelly goes on a weird tangent out of nowhere, putting Cary Silken over. Sure, he's a great guy and all, but there's a match going on. Roddy catches Richards with a high knee that seemingly knocks Richards out. Commercial break time. And, uh, commercials again. Weird. Richards kick out of backbreaker coming off the commercial. Roddy seems to be in full control, mocking and pie-facing Richards. Richards hits a German suplex out of nowhere to teach Roddy respect. They trade forearms with the crowd chanting "Boo" for Roddy and "Yay" for Richards. Richards ends up on top, kicking Roddy to the mat. Roddy goes outside which sets up Richards genuine suicide dive to the outside. Well, at least Richards didn't end up back first on the guardrail or in the front row. Richards stop nailing Roddy with his usual stuff (see, John Cena isn't the only with FIVE MOVES OF DOOM~!, every wrestler has them). Kevin Kelly, BTW, is god awful at commentary. "SUPLEX. LEG HOOK. SIMPLE STATEMENTS." Please, Cornette, go get Lenny Leonard. In any event, Richards and Roddy start trading off on big moves and near-falls. Roddy busts out with Avada Kedavra, which would be Tyler Black's finisher. They fight out on the apron and Roddy back drops Richards on the apron. The pin attempt by Roddy only gets two, though. Roddy hits a series of kicks, but Richards hits the Alarm Clock. Richards dodges a series of strikes from Roddy and levels Roddy with a lariat. Kelly warns that TV time is running out, but promises if time does run out then we'll see the finish next week. 'Death by Roderick' (fireman's carry into a gutbuster) gets two. Richards fights back and hits the superplex immediately following with a Falcon Arrow for two, but then locks in the Ankle Lock. Roddy goes for 'Death by Roderick' again, but Richards counters with the Ankle Lock. Richards grapevines the leg, but Truth Martini distracts him to break the hold. Richards beats up Truth for good measure. Roddy hits the Sick Kick but it only gets two. Roddy follows up with the Strong Hold (Boston Crab) but Richards counters with a roll-up into the Ankle Lock. Soccer kick from Richards gets no sold, and Richards levels Roddy with a roundhouse kick. Roddy kicks out at two and Richards locks in the Ankle Lock again, with the grapevine, for the submission. Kelly hypes an unnannounced double main event for next week to the end the show.

  • Another strong episode. The problems are the same as they've been, but there's not much that can be done in that regard since we're still watching episodes from the first taping. The episode after next week will hopefully show some improvements. Otherwise, you've got Roddy Strong vs. Davey Richards doing what they do best, beating the hell out of one another. Can't complain about that.

  • Wrestling GIF of the Week:

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