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Catwoman (2011)

Written by Zechs on Monday, October 10 2011 and posted in Reviews

The fifteen minute short film starring Eliza Dushku as Selina Kyle!

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Credits & Solicit Info:

Written by: Paul Dini
Directed by: Lauren Montgomery


Eliza Dushku as Catwoman/Selina Kyle
Liliana Mumy as Holly Robinson
John DiMaggio as Rough Cut/Thug #1/Biker/Dock Thug
Kevin Michael Richardson as Moe
Tara Strong as Buttermilk Skye
Cree Summer  as Lily


Catwoman goes solo as she targets a mobster. The chase then hits the streets through Gotham to their finish. But why is Selina Kyle going after the thug? Is it for a cut of what he's laundering, or is there another motive at work here?

The feature can be otherwise best summarized as: Boobs. Violence. Catwoman. While not written by Judd Winick, I somehow couldn't help but think about the first issue of the new comic starring the feisty feline anti-hero that recently debuted and how his film might be, or should be, compared with the material. Then again, maybe people will be hypocritical and this short film will be hailed as a spectacular short. Save for the ending, the recently released comic contained all the same elements found here.


This is not the darkest short film DC has produced (that honor belongs to Jonah Hex or The Spectre DC Showcase shorts), but is still the longest of the adult ones that isn't tied down with a mainstream DC hero. These shorts are still a magnificent showcase for characters who haven't had the animation spotlight before. True, Catwoman has had numerous appearances throughout the various animated shows of Batman, but never the spotlight on just herself with not a Dark Knight in sight.

Still, the story is yarn thin, but everything great about Selina Kyle is on display here. The knowledge that she's a dirtier vigilante (in both ideals and fighting style) than, say, the golden boy Batman, is right there on display. She's sleek and sexy, showcasing her figure every chance she gets and using her allure to her advantage. Finally there's that gray area which shows why she's more than just a thief, that she's an anti-hero.


The animation of the film is nice and crisp. The details on all the characters and settings are nicely done. The fight sequences are all pretty fluid. The only issue I had with the animation was during the car chase sequence you could easily tell what was done by computers via the texture of the cars (much of the same issue I had with Batman: Under the Red Hood). It's a minor issue, but I kind of wish Warners' Animation had just found a better way to fix it. It was one of the two moments in the film that distracted me because of how chunky the cars looked and moved.

I'm almost kind of regretting not seeing Eliza Dushku in the actual live action Catwoman outfit. I mean seriously, if there was a female actor who could pull it off she'd be at the top of my list. She plays the role of Selina purrfectly (I used a cat-pun, sue me. I would use it for Mr. Freeze as well.), with the right amount of spunk and exoticness to leave her mark on the character. I'm almost hoping that this isn't the last time we see Dushku as Selina Kyle. She really gets the character quirks nicely.


About the only other issue I have with the film is that other half of the vocal cast featured John DiMaggio voicing roughly 95% of all the male characters. They have another voice actor in Kevin Michael Richardson, but only use him for maybe one role. DiMaggio, on the other hand, has four roles (as the heavy, two lackeys of his, and a biker). What the heck? I know DiMaggio is talented, but this sort of stretched thin vocal talent reminded me almost of G.I. Joe Resolute (2009), where you had two voice actors do almost all the Joes. The thought is driven more insane when all five female characters have five female actors voicing them. So what, did they break the budget or something?

Okay, regardless of that one problem, this is still a fun fifteen-minute action romp that beats a lot of live action Hollywood action films today. The movie just starts up and really doesn't slow down until the very end. Each action sequence is nicely paced and the whole resolution was quite nice. All and all, this was a fun showing of Catwoman. Then again, if this short doesn't get others crying out against it, then truly the comic world has a huge Judd Winick bias, because Paul Dini wrote this, and the only thing missing from this short was a bat-humping finale. Still for what it is, you get an exciting thrill a fifteen minute ride that isn't disappointing.

3.5 out of 5

Review by: Zechs

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