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Ring of Honor on SBG - 10/22/11

Written by syxxpakk on Saturday, October 29 2011 and posted in Reviews
Ring of Honor on SBG - 10/22/11

Better late than never!

  • Pre-recap warning: I go into a bit of rant in this article and it spoils some upcoming TNA events.  Read at your peril.

  • Took forever to watch this.  Kept hoping a better quality version would show up somewhere, but alas I ended up relying on

  • A new set of tapings this time around as they are coming to us from Louisville, KY.  They're in the arena Ohio Valley Wrestling uses (which used to be a WWE developmental territory than Jim Cornette had a hand in running, so there's your connect).  Hard to really determine if video quality is any better since I'm watching a different format this week.  The sound, on the other hand, is great.

  • New arena means new set-up and that means that Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness are situated away from the ring.

  • Match #1: Mike Mondo vs. TJ Perkins.  Mondo is formerly "Mikey" of the Spirit Squad.  He's doing a Hardcore Holly-character where he thinks he's a giant.  His pre-match promo is a bit over-the-top for my liking and, in all honesty, doesn't fit with the realistic promos of ROH.  TJ Perkins has been in and out of ROH for awhile now.  Perkins is apparently a douchebag in the locker room.  His pre-match promo is much better than Mondo's as it comes off more in the vein of a UFC-style promo.  The match is decent enough and gives either man a bit of time to showcase himself.  Mondo managed to work me at one point.  Perkins locked him in a Figure Four Deathlock (combination Figure Four/Scorpion Deathlock) but he immediately scrambled for the ropes.  I felt like he probably should have gave it time to get the new-to-the-audience move over.  In any event, afterward he started selling the leg like crazy - I'm talking Mr. Perfect-can't-move-because-Bret-Hart-beat-his-leg-to-a-pulp selling.  It came off really bad, but then it turns out he was just playing opossum.  Good stuff.  TJ came off like Davey Richards-lite, which doesn't suit Perkins since he's smaller than Davey.  I think the match would have been better served to have TJ hitting quick, high-impact, high-flying manuevers as opposed to how it went.  It was a decent match, regardless, but probably the weakest in the entire run of the show thus far.  TJ won with a La Majistral cradle.

  • Kevin Kelley and Jay Lethal shill Final Battle as "the biggest event of the calendar year."  Lethal puts over the TV championship being a gateway to the World championship and makes the show seem really special since he claims that he "must" be on the show.  Good stuff.

  • Next up is a recap of the Briscoes/All-night Express match from last week.  The music in the background reminds me of Inside the NFL.  That is most definitely a positive thing.  The video makes the match seem awesome and would make you really regret missing it.  Cut to the in-ring with Jim Cornette to discuss the situation of WGTT's #1 contenders.  They go through good back-and-forth and the end result is another #1 contenders match next week.  Jay and Mark then go nuts yelling "seven times" and "Man up!" repeatedly.  After this, we get a video segment from WGTT.  Shelton Benjamin is still a below average promo, but Charlie Haas is something else.  They both admit that they think highly of ANX, but they want the Briscoes to win so they can get revenge for what happened in June at the Best in the World iPPV.  For all his faults, Shelton does have a good line.  He says, "If the Briscoes win, it'll be good news and bad news.  The good news is we finally get to fight them.  The bad news is...  They have to fight us."

  • So here's the thing I love most about ROH.  You don't need to read the spoilers to know who is going to win next week.  Let's face it, the Briscoes are going over.  We know  they are, and how do we know?  Because the storyline has been building since the very first episode (and really, further back then that all the way to Best in the World).  I grant you, there are some continuity errors going on - but if you ignore Death Before Dishonor IX and Glory by Honor X (which more and more are looking to "not take place in continuity" if that makes any sense, you have one logically built feud.  Briscoes get pissed they lose and beat up WGTT with chairs.  They want a title shot but Cornette won't reward them for their actions, so they have to fight ANX to earn it.  They cheat to win and Cornette still won't reward them so he makes them do it again.  Meanwhile, WGTT is expressing extreme unhappiness over not getting to beat the hell out of the Briscoes for what they did.  There's a beginning, a middle, and an end.  The end is, logically, the Briscoes vs. WGTT for the tag team championship at Final Battle.  We know that's going to happen.  You don't have to read the spoilers to know it.  It's the logical progression of the storyline.  There's no rush, there's no stupidity, it's a simple A > B > C movement.  WWE rushed CM Punk back, didn't capitalize by having Punk vs. Triple H in a Hell in a Cell following a match where everyone interfered, etc.  TNA at the last minute put Kurt Angle over Bobby Roode and then put the belt on James Storm and instead of building up Storm vs. Roode to sell a PPV or something logical like that, they're giving it away in two weeks for free with a storyline that could have made the money that will now, instead, maybe just pop them up a quarter of a rating.  And I guarantee you, if TNA could just put some logic and build into what they do, maybe next time when they're literally right down the road from me, I'll spend money to attend their TV taping.  In any event, say what you will about production values or supposedly "bland" characters, at least the storylines in ROH will always be top-notch.  Unless, of course, ANX win next week and I have to eat my words.

  • Inside ROH.  This week's Inside ROH is a shill for Final Battle.  Final Battle is, by the way, two months away still.  They're promoting it from two months away.  That's how you should do it.  In any event, Roddy Strong cries foul that Davey Richards attacked Truth Martini in their championship match from two weeks ago.  Roddy says a new #1 cont. will be announced in two weeks for the ROH World Championship and it won't be him.  He says he wants to fight someone who can lay claim to being the "Best in the World" at Final Battle so he can upstage Davey Richards on the card.  Next up is Davey Richards.  He talks about how he walked into Final Battle last year "knowing" he was going to win and then ending up losing.  He talks about how all the training he's done over the year had made him a stronger wrestler and he doesn't care who he's facing.

  • And now we're faced with another area where ROH outshines either of the Big Two.  We're two months out and we already have four matches outlined for Final Battle.  Lethal will defend his championship, WGTT vs. either the Briscoes or ANX, Strong vs. someone who could be considered "Best in the World," and Davey Richards vs. a challenger to be named in two weeks.  My goodness, it's like they're in the business to make money or something!

  • A video recaps Jay Lethal winning the TV Title.  Again, they use Inside the NFL/ESPN-music in the background and it makes the segment that much better.

  • Kevin Kelly is with Eddie Edwards and they, again, shill Final Battle.  I have no clue what date Survivor Series is, but I can now tell you without fail that on December 23, which is a Friday and I know that because of these shills, 2011 I can watch Final Battle.

  • Main Event: Mike Bennett w/ "Brutal" Bob Evans vs. Jay Lethal [c] - ROH World Television Championship Match.  Bennett, like Mondo in the earlier match, is one of these guys that Cornette has earmarked for success.  I believe he was at one point a FCW-guy, but I haven't been able to find evidence of it and I'm not sure where I got that notion from.  Kelley plays up Lethal using the flying elbowdrop as a finisher in tribute to Randy Savage.  He also calls it the "Lethal Injection," which is weird since that wasn't what it was on the first show he participated on.  The match is pretty even-handed and goes back and forth.  It's not a horrible match by any means, but it's not up to the standard of previous ROH main events.  The finish comes with Bennett on top of Lethal, beating him down.  Kelly questions whether the ref will stop the match or if Lethal is defending himself well enough to keep going, which is a UFC-reference.  For the record, there have been ref stoppages in ROH, so it's not out of place or brand new.  Lethal eventually overpowers Bennett and gets on top to lay in the punches and the time-limit expires.  Nigel tells the story of the entire match with one line: "It looked like Lethal might have been defending himself, but on the other hand I've seen matches stopped for less."  So there's a controversy over if Bennett maybe should have won via ref stoppage.  Lethal is happy to go five more minutes, but Bennett brushes him off on the advice of Bob Evans.

  • The sound was much better this week.  I'm still not sold on Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness in the booth and if they haven't improved after the next three episodes, I'll say let's kick 'em out.  The in-ring content this week was good, but it was nowhere near the level of the prior episodes.  The flipside of that is, for this week, the crowd was superhot throughout the show.  Hopefully they continues.  They did an amazing job of building up storylines and promoting Final Battle and made me want to buy it yesterday.

  • Until next time, here's your Wrestling .GIF of the Week:

King Anderson
Arn Anderson is the man.

Written or Contributed by: syxxpakk

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