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Ring of Honor on SBG - 10/29/11

Written by syxxpakk on Sunday, November 06 2011 and posted in Reviews
Ring of Honor on SBG - 10/29/11

The All-night Express battle the Briscoes for #1 contendership to the ROH World Tag Team Championship as the build to Final Battle 2011 continues!

  • The show begins with a recap of last week's Lethal/Bennett-finish. They went to a time-limit draw for the TV Championship and Bennett didn't want to do another five minutes.

  • Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness talk about the main event, the All-night Express taking on the Briscoes for #1 contendership to Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team's World tag team titles.

  • Kyle and O'Reilly and Roddy Strong do the UFC-style promos to build up their next match. Strong calls O'Reilly a "boy cheerleader." Seriously, where has this Roddy been the last nine years?! Strong thinks its ridiculous that Team Richards drives around the country to train instead of getting laid. Roddy has really come into his own here.

  • Match #1: Kyle O'Reilly vs. Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini. Video quality is a helluva lot better, by the way. It's easier to compare this video quality to the first shows since I got it through similar means to the first shows as opposed to watching it off the ROH web site. It's not WWE-quality or TNA-quality, but it still looks good. Tale of the Tape gives Strong the veteran's edge, but otherwise they're pretty evenly matched. Truth takes to the commentary table to put over Roddy's challenge from last week to anyone who could be "Best in the World" at Final Battle. Something tells me it ends up being Nigel. They do a whole lot of counters to kick it off and get that INDY APPLAUSE~! O'reilly uses his speed to overmatch Strong, but Strong catches him offguard and dominates going into the first commercial. Back from commercial and Strong continues to dominate. O'reilly finally hits his babyface comeback and they go back and forth. They trade nearfalls as we're hitting the home-stretch. Strong puts O'reilly down with the Sick Kick, following a series of hard strikes. Excellent opener and really put O'Reilly over. Probably my favorite match I've ever seen O'Reilly in, too. Post-match shenanigans see Michael Elgin storm the ring to jump Kyle O'reilly. Tony Kozina, who's a part of Team Richards, somes out for the save but he gets beat down also. Davey Richards comes out to make the the big save. He clears house and Truth attacks him, which causes enough of a distraction for the House of Truth to beat up Richards. Finally, here comes Eddie Edwards for another save. Davey gets back in it and the American Wolves tear apart the House of Truth. Truth gets lit up with the double-team Alarm Clock. Excellent stuff!

  • Kevin Kelly is with Jim Cornette. An official got hurt and Cornette is livid with Truth for it, so he fines all of the members of the House of Truth. Two fans start chanting "We want Steen!" It's enough of a distraction to get Cornette to go into a tirade on Kevin Steen. Cornette absolutely refuses to do business with Kevin Steen.

  • Inside ROH. The hype for Final Battle continues. I love that they're promoting the hell out of this show like they should. The contenders for Richards' title match at Final Battle have been cut down to two men: Jay Lethal and Eddie Edwards. Lethal being Television champion puts him in the running, of course. Lethal wants to beat Richards so he can be the best. Eddie really puts over the importance of Final Battle. Eddie brings up the fact that if he were to face Richards at Final Battle, it would be the rubber match. Next, Kevin Kelly talks about next week's main event: Wrestlings Greatest Tag Team vs. The C&C Wrestling Factory in a Proving Ground match. Every non-title match is now a Proving Ground match where, if the champs are pinned, the people pinning them earn a titleshot. The C&C Wrestling Factory is composed of Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman. Caprice cuts a very subtle promo on WGTT. I liked it.

  • Steve Corino joins Nigel and Kelly at ringside. "My name is Steve Corino, and I'm an evil person." Brilliant. Corino brings up Steen but Kelly refuses to indulge that nonsense.

  • Match #2: Alex Silva vs. Tommasso Ciampa w/ Prince Nana & Mr. Ernesto Osiris. The announcers try to infer that Silva is related to Anderson Silva. Ciampa is undefeated in ROH. Tale of the Tape gives Ciampa the edge in all areas. Kelly puts Corino over for trying to train the younger wrestlers. Silva gets in some plucky offense, but overall this is nothing more than an extended squash. Corino goes into a huge rant about how he feels he's responsible for Kevin Steen's rampage on ROH. Ciampa wins with Project Ciampa.

  • Main Event: The All-night Express vs. The Briscoes - #1 Contendership Match. Nigel says they've never met a man they wouldn't fight and never met a liquor they wouldn't drink. They recap the last time these two fought where the Briscoes cheated by kicking Kenny King below the belt to win. They don't let Bobby Cruise finish the intros before they start brawling. It's a Pier 6 Brawl to start. ANX use quick tags to outmatch the Briscoes early on. Jay Briscoe gets the tag and Kenny King ends up in the Ricky Morton-role. I think Rhett Titus is better for that, but whatever. The Briscoes work Kenny over using their smashmouth offense. Nigel is actually knocking it out the park this week on commentary. "The way I understand it, Rhett is so good in bed that when he finishes, the neighbor's light a cigarette." Even Kevin Kelly isn't horrible. The Briscoes are just pounding the hell out of poor Kenny King here. King counters the Jay Driller and makes the hot tag to Rhett Titus. Titus clears house and gets a nearfall on Jay. Stupid ROH fans are cheering the Briscoes. The teams go back and forth, nailing big moves on each other. The Briscoes manage to counter the Muff Dive with a double-team rana of sorts to get the win. Great, great tag match. These two teams let it all hang out and both teams fought hard just for a title shot and that makes the titles seem that much more important. Anyway, that ends the show this week.

  • This episode was terrific. Nigel and Kevin seem to finally be meshing on commentary. Video quality and sound are much improved, although the video quality isn't on the level of WWE, TNA, or even ROH on HDnet. Tons of storylines were built upon from the Team Richards/House of Truth drama, the Kevin Steen stuff, etc. It's a great hour of wrestling TV each week.

  • And here's your .GIF of the Week:

Crazy counter.

Written or Contributed by: syxxpakk

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